Rove Gets Off – I Want My Money Back

The American people were told three years ago that an investigation was being set up to do one thing, find out the names of the 2 Bush administration officials who were the sources for a newspaper article by Bob Novak that revealed the identity of Valerie Plame, a CIA operative.

We now know that Rove was one of the sources – end of story. He should have been charged.

Does the Bush administration really think that the public will not remember what they were told when this investigation was set up?

How Rove got Fitzgerald to fold and let him off is anybody’s guess. Maybe Rove used his usual dirty tricks and dug deep enough to find some intimidating tale in the special prosecutor’s lily-white past.

Few among us are without any skeletons and what better thug to find them than Karl Rove. That’s his well-documented specialty.

I heard some talking head on TV say Democrats should apologize to Rove. For what? He was the guy we knew did it when the investigation began and he was the guy fingered in the investigation as a Novak source.

Bush should be apologizing to the CIA, to Ms Plame, and to the American taxpayers.

John Dean said this White House is worse than Nixon and Watergate and he is right. This White House is worse than Nixon not only because they play dirtier than Nixon, but because no matter what it does no one will hold it accountable. This administration makes Nixon look like a saint.

As a taxpayer, I want my money back. Not only for this charade of an investigation but also I want my share of the money spent on supporting Valerie Plame’s cover for 18 years in the CIA that was flushed down the toilet by top administration officials including the 2 worst thugs at the top.

The special prosecutor has not named the second source for Novak’s column. I predict that in the end, we will find out that it was Bush or Cheney.

Since Bush took office, just because he has never had to balance a check book in his life, he throws around our tax dollars like a drunken sailor, without drawing a peep about his spending habits from the mainstream press.

Bush knew it was Rove all the long while he allowed this costly cat and mouse game to continue. Bush knew he and Cheney were involved from the get-go.

To think that tens of millions of dollars have gone up in smoke is not acceptable and the media needs to start reporting on how the hard earned money of working Americans is being wasted.

The Karl Rove case is just the latest example of six years of investigations that do nothing more than prove what we knew to begin with, while the crooks walk away unscathed in plain sight.

How much money has been wasted investigating Halliburton since the war began, only to find that the company got the contracts illegally through Cheney, ripped us off left right and center in Iraq, and was guilty as charged every single time and then let off the hook?

How much money was spent investigating the lies by Bush administration officials to Congress about the cost of the prescription drug bill only to determine the parties were guilty as sin, at a cost to tax payers of $130 billion more than expected, and then let off the hook because the lead crook had already went out the revolving door of the White House to work for the drug companies?

How much money have we spent to verify that the Bush administration used over a billion tax dollars to illegally advertise its policies, with phony ads to boot, to buffalo the public only to see nothing done about it?

How much money has been wasted investigating the WMD lies that got us into the disaster in Iraq only to verify that we were lied to, and the war was totally unnecessary, while half of liars are back in the private sector making big bucks off war profiteering schemes set up at the same time the lies were being told?

How much money was spent chasing after those WMDs that never existed due to those lies?

I could go on and on and on but I don’t have all day. This is my money and I want to know who is going put a stop to the on-going robbery by this administration.

The Rove spectacle is merely the icing on the cake and another kick in the teeth to American tax payers.