Saddam back on US payroll?

The video shown on CNN of Iraqis celebrating the capture of Saddam was notable. CNN did not mention why all the flags shown where red. Not said was that the demonstration was of the Iraqi Communist Party which suffered tremendously under Saddam’s reign of terror (Islamic movements also suffered). That Saddam regime was built and financed by the US and Britain and that he was "our boy" in the area until he stepped out of line in 1990 is now beyond dispute. A monster created to kill sometimes fails to obey his master especially after gaining power. However, the extent of his involvement with US Intelligence will likely be kept under very close wrap as no congress will dare ask (pressed by the Israeli lobby to support this endless war of distraction).

Some inclings do exist. The wire story from UPI [1] is useful reading as is the article from Greg Palast [2]. While some of this information may not be fully accurate in some areas (e.g. I have my doubts as to Nasser-CIA connections), it is imperative that further investigation is carried out. It is now a known fact that the US supported both Iran and Iraq sacrificing hundreds of thousands to essentially drain their strength). It is also a known fact that Saddam’s chemical and biological weapons programs developed in the 80s would not have happened without US support.

But in either case, Saddam the war criminal is captured. Hooray. The world is still full of war criminals and many of them in our own back yard (Kissinger, Bush I & II, Sharon etc.) who while responsible for the death and injury of millions of people, are in positions of power. One wonders when they would be brought to justice.

Perhaps I may suggest that people be honest with themselves and honest with others and tell the whole truth. Isn’t it time we demand the truth from our media and our elected politicians. Let us expose all the shady old "dealings" and expose the new ones: like the fact that Karzai is also a US paid agent in Afghanistan who is a thug previously employed by Unocal and now installed by the CIA to be in charge of other war lords (or should we wait for him also to grow big and reckless?). If Saddam is to be tried for using chemical weapons, should we not try those in the US and Britain who supplied him these weapons and those who are still supplying weapons (conventional and unconventional) to brutal regimes around the world. In the meantime, I guess Saddam is back to be dependent on the good will of the US.


[1]. "Exclusive: Saddam key in early CIA plot"
– By Richard Sale UPI Intelligence Correspondent – Published 4/10/2003

[2]. "Jessica Lynch Captures Saddam –
Ex-dictator Demands Back Pay from Baker"
– by Greg Palast – Published Sunday, December 14, 2003"