Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush: Two sides of the same coin?

George Bush appears to understand more and more, clearly, what it is like to be Saddam Hussein. In order to govern unruly Iraq, Saddam Hussein had to fight insurgencies, such as by Kurds and Shiites, and Saddam used military force, including chemical weapons. Bush uses military forces and depleted uranium against many of the same people.

Saddam Hussein tortured insurgents at Abu Graib and other prisons. George Bush tortures insurgents and even fishes for information in a search for insurgents at Abu Graib and other prisons.

Saddam Hussein imprisoned and killed Shiite leaders who challenged his hegemony. George Bush kidnaps, imprisons, and even kills Shiite leaders who oppose American hegemony.

Saddam Hussein shed few tears for collateral damage (thousands of non-combatants killed during military operations). George W. Bush sheds even fewer tears over the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi non-combatants killed during military operations, and tacitly admits the opinion that killing family members of insurgents is acceptable as long as it is believed that one or more insurgents are killed along with their family members. Thus, Bush feels it is acceptable practice to drop bombs on entire family homes, killing everyone present as long as at least one family member is a "bad guy".

On the other hand, Saddam Hussein was an Iraqi nationalist. He did not tolerate Al Qaeda or other foreign groups operating on his territory. Bush has made it possible for foreign fighters to enter Iraq, but not to fight Iraqi nationalists; only to fight the occupiers of Iraq and their sell-out stooges in the puppet government installed and abetted by the U.S.

And most significantly, Saddam Hussein, with his undeniable evils, was an Iraqi and his presence in power did not create an insurgency against foreign occupation. George W. Bush send in over 100,000 American and other foreign forces, creating an insurgency devoted explicitly to removing the foreign occupation and simultaneously and inevitably causing massive damage to Iraq itself.

All these facts create an urgent question that George Bush continues to evade, while talking about "victory" and "defeating the terrorists."

What exactly does "Victory" mean to George W. Bush?