Sanity and Justice should prevail but War

Tuesday (September 11, 2001) incidents are very cruel. Any body who has master minded these horrendous acts has not attacked American policies but innocent people who had nothing to do with politics. He has not done any favour with his cause. The whole world will condemn it.

If they are Arabs and Muslims, then this is a great loss to Muslims as a whole. Their image, even they do not support such insane acts, will be completely tarnished. This is the most foolish act and no religion allows such. Islam deplores such evil acts. Quran warns that a killing of one innocent person is killing of whole humanity.

This is not the way to record a protest of any nature. If it is proven that Arab Muslims are involved, this will a great victory for Jews and Indians. They will benefit most from this incident. They will escalate their atrocities on Muslims and cover it under the hate wave against Muslims. A sad day for America and Muslims all over the world.

The whole world should support Americans to find the real culprits and give exemplary punishment. But the things should not be done in haste and no party should be allowed to exploit the situation to their benefit.

The world is looking for justice and a wise statesmanship from American leadership.

They have moral support from all the countries to stop these acts of terrorism all over the world. But the sanity and justice should prevail.