SARS – The Siren!


Typical to the natural phenomenon-a new creepy-crawly-SARS, prima facie seems-almost close to placing the world in a startling scenario-which is being envisioned by experts as perilous as a bang of a nasty blast, which eventually fetches nothing-except agonies-for the human species-in manifold styles.

Emanating from an elfin spot-the mysterious disease-which perceptibly-takes a life in a jiffy has lifted eyebrows of almost every dweller of the mortal abode-the planet of earth, yet so for with no clue about its quick spread or raison d’�tre.

Going through a backdrop of post-Nine/Eleven tragedy and the subsequent intentional release of anthrax spores in the United States, the possibility of the accidental or deliberate release of a biological agent-previously considered an unlikely scenario-seems to have turned into a frightening reality.

Confronted with the potential threat to global health security by the intentional release of biological agents, WHO advocates an astute ‘dual use’ investment in national, regional and global public health operations and infrastructure for early detection and immediate response? Strengthening global efforts to detect and contain epidemics provides clear and sustainable public health benefit and prepares for this potential threat to universal health security.

And now as far SARS recognized clusters n’ cases would be investigated as suspected natural outbreaks until an unusual pathogen was confirmed and/or unusual epidemiological patterns were detected.

Though-about now in initial stages-the size of its impact-surfaced so far-on the Atlas, manifests the reality that despite alluring efforts-even by WHO-the cause remains as secret as the span of ones’ life. Paradoxically with the arrival of SARS, a process sets in motion-visibly-for polarisation of the global village via diverse means. Not only that the magnitude of casualties is touching up-ward trends with the advent of every dawn, peoples-in diverse vicinities-are forced to go into a state of quarantine-with no time-limit.

Life in certain vicinities comes to a halt to the extent that even the kin stand detached-with no mobility. Some carriers in the la-di-dah countries are contemplating to ground their dazzling jets-at least till such time that SARS evaporates.

As some expert look at it though-SARS-is in a way not being compared with the Spanish influenza pandemic that killed millions after the end of the First World War in 1918-yet with need for an emphatic approach as the scientists guess a strong evidence that the pathogen is the causative agent, requiring to be camouflaged as quickly as possible.

The first-time speed with which the causal bug of SARS was identified-just a month ago-since scientists first became aware of the livid illness-was made possible by an international collaboration of 13 laboratories in 10 countries.

Pragmatically the aghast scourges is-simultaneously-placing the global economy at risks-due to an abrupt n’ instantaneous stoppage of bi-cum-multi-lateral trade. Thus the distances-which had-squeezed with the 21st century epoch are once again saturating the meters into miles-reviving the notion of oceans-putting the nations far away from each other-in place of living as neighbours in the global village.

It is thus an apposite time that-each nation-irrespective of its peculiar mindset, faith, colour, cast, creed or credo-sets aside the craze n’ lust for expansionism through catastrophic skirmishes n’ by embarking upon a crusade to cage domains-far away from their domains-should assemble to fade away the awful germ-which by a hefty number of erudite is being treated as an off-shoot of the nukes.

To achieve this sagacious n’ astute objective-in the best interest of the humanity-every one, including the super powers-shall have to play a pivotal role by treating the obliteration of SARS as No.1 priority-eschewing the frantically compilation of risky arsenals-which should in fact be dumped into deep seas-at-once.

A sincere campaign vis-�-vis the elimination of weapons of mass destructions [WMDs] would not only ensure a lasting peace worldwide-but would-equally open vistas of a healthier world-which by all perceptions is the foremost need of every-one, wherever he or she dwells. In case, this bona fide need of the people is neglected-with one ploy or the other-the masters of today’s world shall not only be accountable to their own people-but to the Creator as well-Who is the real n’ de facto Power to deal with the arrogant souls-by putting them into a state-which has no way-out to flee.

The world has seen multiple realms-with lofty statures-yet gone astray in a spur of moment-only for negating the dictates of Nature-posing in an ‘immortal fashion’. It is therefore the paramount need of the time that an exclusive session of the world body-the United Nations-is summoned without any delay to erect a common strategy-for steps-with the welfare of the mankind as its podium-of-course catching SARS atop-lest another alarming signal beams out, posing hazards for the already faintish creatures-specifically in the third world-with India on the top of the index.

A heavier responsibility rests with the United States-as, being a stalwart-it can help overcome all sorts of shaky settings-like the one created by the hideous SARS provided it straight away forfeits its ‘majestic n’ mighty’ zests to override lands-beyond its own orb-even at the cost of its own generations to come by applying every dicey gadget-it has in the dump of its ammos. An all-embracing initiative by Washington with realism-as the pedestal [at least to trounce insets like SARS]-would be the only best way to clutch affluence-for all times to come.

The well-acknowledged WHO-through its’ frequent communiqu�s-has time n’ again served the crystal-clear icons of cautions, spotlighting the serious aftermath of such an iffy virus-which-by all perceptive are an emblem of alert! So isn’t it an apex time to re-act with sparkling joint ventures-instead of opting for yet another Pandora’s Box to erupt?

The author is a noted journalist, political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV.