Say “No” to the war!

NATO made a very dangerous decision yesterday 12. Applying its “article 5,” it decided that all é allied é countries have to be in solidarity with the government of Washington. Since Bush considers United States “at war,” it means we are also considered “at war “.

This represents great dangers for the civil rights (demonstration, expression), this is a preparation of wars. Kissinger now calls for a long term war, in fact against every country of the third world é too independent é presented as a war for the civilization.

Everybody (even the IMF) knows that misery in the world is the ground where terrorism can flourish and get support because of the frustration of oppressed Arabic masses. Everybody knows that with half of the US military budget you could suppress hunger in the world. Everybody knows you do not fight against misery with bombardments.

The Prime minister of my country, after having condemned and attacked the anti-globalization movement, now follows the NATO and declares : “We are all Americans.”

Yes, I feel an American as all those poor innocent civilians, targets of a blind criminal act. But I do not feel American like George Bush nor an American like the billionaire auctioneers of Monsanto, Esso and General Motors. And I do not feel American like Madeleine Albright who demanded, in 1997 already, that NATO would become the Cop of the World, é active from Middle East to Central Africa é.

This was since long the real goal of Washington, it has nothing to do with é reacting é to the suffering of innocent victims. It has all to do with controlling the strategic areas, the strategic roads to oil. It is not a coincidence if Washington supported Islamic terrorists in Bosnia and in Kosovo to break up Yugoslavia and control the Western road to the oil of central Asia. It is not a coincidence if Washington provided arms to the Islamic militias (including supporters of Ben Laden) in Chechnya in order to destabilize Russia and impose military bases in the Caucasus. It is not a coincidence if Washington always tried to get control on Afghanistan (which is the Southern road to the same oil and gas fields – see the different maps in my book Monopoly, and also the quotation of Albright). Everybody knows the CIA created, armed and protected Ben Laden to break up the USSR. Recently, the German Spiegel wrote that German secret services and ministers knew perfectly well Washington was arming and protecting the KLA terrorists attacking and killing Macedonians. Nevertheless all Western powers now follow Washington in this war strategy !

We are now told this is a new Pearl Harbor. Let us remember that US leaders knew that Pearl Harbor was about to be attacked and did not try to stop it. Now aggressions and bombardments maybe against several countries are prepared while nothing is clear about the complete passivity of the FBI and the CIA.

We cannot accept that the US government prepares war, eluding its own responsibility after so many provocations against Arabic and other people of the world. This is a manipulation of the sufferings of the US victims. This will only provoke a lot of sufferings for innocent victims in the Third World and also increase the risk of terrorist attacks in our countries. Washington did already bombard 23 countries and after a certain time it was discovered its media had lied to justify it.

Let us say not to the war ! Against misery, you do not fight with bombardments.