"Self-Fulfilling Prophecies"

It has recently come to my attention that the Bush Administration is redesigning its Nuclear Policy to allow first strike against perceived threats, or to bring existing wars to a conclusion.

According to a Pentagon Joint Staff document entitled “Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations”[1] dated March 15 and awaiting the signature of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, nuclear first strike could be employed in a number of new and ambiguous circumstances. These include destruction of known and suspected arsenals of WMDs or bunkers impregnable to conventional weapons, counter potentially overwhelming conventional forces, “to ensure the success of US & Multinational Operations,” or simply to ensure a rapid end of a war on U.S Terms.

The Bush Administration’s invasion of Iraq has shown us that none of these conditions need to actually be met. It is quite obvious that Iraq had no WMD’s and no facilities for their manufacture, nor had them any ties with Al Qaeda or any other terrorist group: the two reasons for the invasion. All evidence of such was clearly fabricated by the Bush Administration which spent vast quantities of tax payer dollars on propaganda to convince these tax payers to support his invasion.

The result is a US which is less safe, an increased number of people angry with the US, and control of the Iraqi Oil Fields in the hands of the people who paid for Bush’s presidency. Similar fabrications may very well be used to justify the use of Nuclear Weapons which have the added benefit of destroying any evidence.

George W. Bush has also declared his loyalty to a religion which firmly believes in Armageddon, the destruction of the world by fire. It is a belief that allows for the destruction of everything whether good or evil, save a minority of people who believe in this particular sect of Christianity. Whether they themselves are good or evil seems irrelevant as long as they believe.

Furthermore, his view of heaven is an empirical one with a singe supreme ruler who dictates the law through a well defined hierarchy based on medieval European feudalism.

Personally, I would prefer that the Leader of the Free World believe in Democracy.


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