Senator Clinton, Enjoy your Israeli Lobby Money!

Dear Hillary:

I was shocked and very depressed at seeing you on television in Israel.

Firstly, what are you doing in Israel. You are supposed to be the Senator of New York, not Israel.

Secondly, why are you speaking out against Arafat? Why, for heaven’s sake, are you taking on the anti-Arab stance? I’m sure that your Jewish/Israeli constituents were delighted. And I’m also sure that you are being paid well for your public anti-Palestinian comments.

A few short years ago, you said in the White House that the Palestinians should have their own state. What happened since that time and now? You wanted the NY vote, and you got it provided you sold your soul to the Company/Israel store!

Where has your integrity gone? Read some of the REAL news of what is happening, the treatment being accorded the Palestinians and their areas-lack of water, homes destroyed by Caterpillars, lack of work, and being killed on a daily basis by the Israeli’s.

As for Arafat, they’ve got him cooped up, all of his headquarters and communications buildings bombed and destroyed. Now, how is he supposed to do anything? To add to this, the American people pay dearly in taxes that are continuously going out to aid Israel and its further encroachment into areas that they have no right to.

I cannot say more. But I am disgusted with your actions and your words against humanity.

Senator Clinton: enjoy your Israeli lobby money! We cannot do anything about it. But we can watch you!


Carol Bradford