Shaping the future by rewriting the past

"Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past"

— George Orwell

Several years ago, a noted Israeli author visited a Muslim think tank in Washington DC and presented a lecture that covered the history of the Palestinian people generally, and Islam specifically, in historic Palestine. He told us that Zionism was waning in Israel, and that we should seize this opportunity to engage the Israeli left in a dialogue, and to do this successfully, we must know the history of both peoples. His points were well made. Participants set for about an hour, listening attentively. During the question and answer session, an Islamic historian noted that most of what had just been presented by the speaker as history, was absolute fiction, and he challenged successfully the more controversial mistakes made by the speaker. The Israeli author was an expert in Talmud, and one of many who had come to the Center over the past years to suggest that there should be an unofficial dialogue between Muslims and Jews. He perhaps thought that by recreating, or rewriting the history of the two peoples, entitling one group over another, that he could control, or shape the future outcomes of such a dialogue. He may have been right. If the Islamic historian had not been present, we might have believed that Islam came to Palestine as a mere postscript to Judaism and Christianity, rather than as a bona fide inspiration to an Arab prophet from Arabia, whose words and ideas set the hearts of the Eastern world on fire, as he preached that the ultimate human freedom can only be realized once the human being refuses to worship created things and directs all of its adulation to the One God, which was a lesson unto itself, even though it was Divinely inspired by the same God who had revealed himself to the prophet Abraham, and subsequent monotheist prophets. The prophet Muhammad preached that every human being must be free from government, or other imposed constraints that prevent us from accessing information, and learning abo! ut, and serving God, and that human beings must have the freedom and right to chose, based upon our own knowledge, experience, observations etc., to either worship, or not to worship God, and that each individual’s choice must be protected and respected.

There were other things said by our guest that need not be mentioned here, that were even more absurd than his suggestion that Islam came to Palestine due to a mass conversion of Arab Jews and Christians in the 18th century, which by the way is believed to actually be the myth, or legend that describes how the Ashkenazi, or Eastern European Jews came to Judaism, only it was European, rather than Arab conversion to a new faith. The point to be made here, and hopefully understood, is that there is possibly an attempt underway to rewrite history, and the objective of this revisionism is to recreate the world in a false image, thereby creating new paradigms in thinking about who we are, who we have been, where we are from, and who we can and should be, all dictated by a fake history, contrived to dictate future possibilities, and to establish precedents that can dictate future outcomes. Imagine a creature that would like to be god. If you are not God ! and cannot actually create, you can attempt to recreate by using the collective power of lesser gods, (for lack of a better description,) or humanity. This gives the manipulator, and the liar the appearance of having power, when what is actually happening, is that our power is being co-opted through deceit, and we are being used to destroy our own selves. Remember how Satan lied to Adam in the story of Adam’s sin. He (Satan) convinced Adam to perform a volitional act of disobedience, based upon false information, while promising Adam things that only God could create, and give, and that had been actually created for Adam. Only Adam needed them, or could possess them, yet the devil came between Adam and his Creator with deceit, saying that God did not want Adam to have knowledge, and that if Adam had knowledge, he could also have immortality, and a kingdom of his own. He had revised God’s creation by changing the motive, purpose and character of the creation, by rewriting the st! ory, which caused Adam to act wrongly, and also to have knowledge, and choice and to experience consequences.

In our day and age, the motive for such revisionism might also be to create myths about the origins of certain groups that substantiate their claims to special entitlements, exceptional needs, and superior status above other human beings. The Nazis did a considerable amount of historic revision, and identity creation. Attempts to rewrite history might also be motivated by a desire to create a fraudulent foundation to serve as a context for lies that would make absolutely no sense to us, until they are explained by an utterly fraudulent history.

One perhaps not so obvious example of such attempts might be the fake documents CBS used to support the contention that the President was given special treatment in the National Guard, and that he had not served honorably. To many people, this issue is limited to credibility of the information; to others, the issue is the criminal act of forging government documents, and fraud, while to others it is simply a matter of political mischief. Few of us think about the fact, that if the forgers had succeeded, they would have created a piece of history, and rewritten another piece. That should not only alarm us, it should outrage us, since these documents may have actually been presented in an attempt to rewrite history, forever, and wrongly documenting the fiction that President Bush did not serve honorably in the National Guard.

CNN reported that President Bush said to an audience in New Hampshire that a Palestinian named Abu Nidal, who died recently in Iraq, had killed a wheel chair bound Israeli cruise ship passenger back in the 60s. Was this an attempt to rewrite history? Was it an attempt to create a link between Nidal and Hussein, and the PLO, and acts of violence against Israeli civilians, and terrorism? According to a noted Muslim activist, the actual perpetrator of the crime was not Nidal, it was a little known Palestinian, who was acting in the name of an unknown, and now forgotten group of Palestinians who seized a cruise ship, and brutally and wrongly killed one of its passengers. Is the President a victim of a speechwriter, like Dan Rather claims to be the victim of the person who provided the forged documents? Remember the fake documents used to support the sale of uranium or something in Niger to Iraq? Remember, the first claims of weapons of mass destruction in I! raq that originated during the Clinton administration, and went almost completely unmentioned in last year’s debate about WMD and Iraq, even though their existence was supposedly documented, according to Madeline Albright and Sandy Berger? What about the fake documents provided to Secretary of State Colin Powell that supposedly were intended to support his presentation to the UN on Iraq and WMD? The next question to ask is where are all of these fake documents? Do they get destroyed, archived?

Not only is US history possibly being rewritten to accommodate and explain controversial new military doctrines and foreign policies, histories of personalities, religions, and entire regions of the world have been, and are being recreated to accommodate the brave new world brought into being by our acceptance of absolute lies. There is even an effort underway to rewrite the history of the Muslim Brotherhood movement. According to the mischievous rewriters of Brotherhood history, Sayyid Qutb and Hassan Al-Banna were communists, and Qutb used the Qur’an, and his book, Milestones to recruit suicide bombers in Egypt back in the 60s, in an attempt to overthrow the Egyptian government. Suicide bombers didn’t even exist in the region, or the Palestine/Israel conflict for that matter, until the 1990’s. Also, there are claims now being made that the Brotherhood were, and are communists, and terrorists. Anyone who has read the book Milestones knows that Qutb never wrote, or spoke to the issue of suicide bombers. He wrote about martyrdom in the context of the story of the Pit, a story where a tyrannical king ordered the people to either worship him, or to be thrown into the Pit. The people opted to jump into the Pit themselves, rather than to worship the King, or to be thrown into the Pit, reclaiming their power of self-determination. Because Qutb criticized the moral decadence that was obvious in the US, even then, history revisionists and propagandists today, call him a communist, anti-American, anti-West etc., when the truth is that Islam is opposed to communism, and the Islamists that are today demonized as "terrorists" were important allies with the West in the cold, and hot war against communism, Nazism, and fascism in North Africa and the Middle East.

The probable motive for such revision is obvious, and is part of a new initiative, crafted in the dark hearts of modern day fascists, in an attempt to classify every Islamic movement, group, etc. as terrorists, and a terrorist network, then to push for an expanded war on terrorism to supposedly wipe out terrorism everywhere. To create such a list, of course requires a revision of history, since it is the government sponsored terrorists themselves who are leading this effort to portray Islam as a terrorist ideology that foments hatred and violence. Their desire is to first establish the idea that only governments have a right to use coercive force, and then to create dark histories for Islamic organizations, groups, ideas, etc. They then sell the idea to the public, politicians, etc., using war on terrorism rhetoric, saying that anything to do with Islam is evil, violent or potentially violent, and that people who harbor such ideas should be killed, impr! isoned, wiped out, while ignoring human rights, international law, and without due process, or government accountability. The so-called moderate Islam, which they are crafting, will be dictated to their Muslim co-conspirators, and imposed upon other Muslims who will be threatened with false accusations of being terrorists, or extremists, etc., and calls to Homeland security to turn-in Muslims who will not cooperate. This is similar to the tactic that was used to turn Palestinians against one another, and traditionally used to make groups of targeted people turn against one another to curry the favor of their persecutors, oppressors, and slave masters.

Recently, in a midwestern newspaper an article appeared that sought to draw a relationship between the three monotheist faiths around the Yom Kippur theme. It was a farce. Upon reading the article, which appeared in the "Faith and Values" section, one realizes almost immediately that what is taking place is that Islamic history is being rewritten, while Jewish history, and religion are being taught. The article opens with a discussion of a supposed Muslim religious holiday called "Lailutul Tree," or something to that effect, and suggests that it is part of Islamic "folklore" that there is tree in heaven whose leaves hold the future, and the number of leaves determines the length of a person’s life. It also said that Muslims believe in fate, which is also untrue. It then goes on to explain the beautiful ideas surrounding Yom Kippur, and how all the world benefits from Yom Kippur. Christians were treated a little better than the Muslims, getting only a single ! line in the entire story, explaining that Christianity is also one of the Abrahamic faiths, but has no similar traditions. It is not likely that a letter to the Editor will appear to correct to the article, because the Editors of this newspaper will only publish articles written by Muslims when they criticize President Bush. So the people in this town at least, will likely always believe that Muslims believe in fate, and celebrate the leaves of the Night Tree.

The use of the term "civil liberties" is also an attempt to not only rewrite history, but also it is an attempt to amend the Declaration of Independence through force of custom. The Founders of this country said, that it was a self-evident fact that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with "inalienable rights." By insisting that instead of inalienable rights, citizens have only "civil liberties," or those rights granted by the state, we are in fact changing not only history, but we are amending our founding document and the very premise of our establishment. The colonies did not ratify the idea that we have civil liberties; they agreed that in this nation, we have inalienable rights, and that we recognize the inalienable rights of all men, and that among these rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Other important historic revisions:

1). Bush wrote the preemptive strike doctrine when in fact the first US President to launch a preemptive strike was perhaps Ronald Reagan when he commanded US troops into Grenada. Kennedy tried to launch one in the Bay of Pigs affair.

2). The Bush administration was the first US administration to use torture against Muslims and Arabs, when in fact it was done under the Clinton administration. The only reason we didn’t hear about it was that the victims were made to sign away their rights to talk about it, or to sue for damages to their health, in exchange for their freedom and deportation.

3). The Bush administration created and told the lie that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, when in fact it was Bill Clinton, backed solidly by his Party, the Democrats, which includes all those Democrats who now say that the President lied, and tricked the American people, etc. This is not pro-Bush propaganda, it is the truth, like it ! or not.

In the introduction to the book, History: Fiction or Science? By Anatoly T. Fomenko, historian Alexander Zinoviev wrote: "The false model of history serves its function for a time. However, humanity eventually enters a period when this distorted representation loses efficacy and stops serving its ends. This is where people are supposed to start looking for the explanations, and sets out on their quests for the truth."