Smart Bombs, Dumb Politicians: The Bush Man Striketh

Mohamed Khodr’s Column

We are definitely not in the Age of Aquarius but in the Age of Ares, God of War, where the projection of power and death are the instruments of logic and dialogue. The Twin towers of Power, America and Israel, play and test their new video war games of planes, helicopters, missiles, bombs, and bullets upon the old colonial subjects of Europe–the Arabs; specifically the old stand by’s of Saddam and Arafat. The influential military-industrial complex in America and Israel are forever inventing faster, “smarter”, deadlier weapons for profit and thus have no stake in a peaceful world. The problem is where to test their accuracy and effectiveness where it would be morally acceptable and where the media is absent or will be supportive. Hence the purpose of the Play below called:

“Smart Bombs, Dumb Politicians”


You can go in General, the Secretary will see you now.

“Good morning, General, hope all is well with “Operation Genome”. Rumsfeld said.

“Yes, Sir, we think we have all the bases covered with one exception.”, the General replied.

“And what’s that”

“Well, Sir, the company’s technical data and computer models all check out, including some testing we’ve done in our base in Puerto Rico. But there’s still the issue of live testing these new highly sophisticated missiles. You, see, Sir, these new smart missiles can now be fired from any of our submarines, ships, or planes anywhere in the world and they are DNA specific to any race we choose to bomb. But, Sir, we’re not sure if these billion dollar missiles will really work on humans since we’ve not programmed a specific racial DNA for us to attack. We need a live human target to ensure better cost/kill ratio than the previous failure with the Patriot missiles.”

“Well, have the Joint Chiefs come up with a testing strategy?” said Rumsfeld rather impatiently.

“That’s no good, not with CP being an African American and saying now we’ll care about Africa.” Rumsfeld interrupted.

“Well, Sir, they actually do already have a plan but they want to run it by you and not CP as they don’t trust him, yet. Seems he’s making some even handed remarks they don’t like.”

“Well, damn it, don’t just sit there, tell me what the hell is their plan.”

“Sir, they think we should use it on Iraq.” the General spoke sheepishly.

“And just how do they propose we do that with a new President without making it look like Daddy’s revenge?”

“Sir, their plan as usual is for them to start making waves about Iraq’s new threat given the absence of inspectors. This threat will be reiterated by the Israeli think tanks in Washington DC like the “Washington Institute for Near East Policy” and others, and then Jewish American “experts” will go on television talk shows to hammer the point, finally to have the two Jewish papers, the Washington Post, and New York Times write strong editorials urging Bush to act. Then the usual ripple effect with the reliable columnists like Safir, Friedman, Krauthammer, Will, Jacoby, Zuckerman, Cal Thomas, Pipes, Emerson, Luttwak and others hammering the point as well. Then the Jewish Senators and Representatives will make the necessary speeches on the floor and on the Sunday Talk shows. Ultimately, it will become a reality and then its a matter of convincing the President. However, all of this depends on isolating CP from Bush.”

“Leave that to me. Colin Powell is not as smart as he thinks. This bombing will embarrass the hell out of him when he goes to the area. As usual those clever Kosher boys know how to package death. We’ll need to get the Brits on board. Leave that to me. Let’s talk in two days.” and with that Rumsfeld salivated at the prospect of showing his metal, his influence, and scoring points with the Congress on the “Missile Shield” defense project. He pondered to himself: “Oh, yes, Saddam, you SOB, you’re not escaping my watch. How great is it to have those good old stand by filthy useless Arab/Muslims for target practice. Israel was right, no one gives a damn about their lives, not even their own brethren who sell us the cheap oil to bomb the bastards”

“It’s a go, General, everyone is on board. I’ll wait a week for the hysteria to start before talking to Bush.”

ACT II: SCENE II “The Aftermath”

Mr. President, why did you decide to bomb Iraq now, especially when you’re on your first foreign trip? After an awkward puzzling look. “This is not a new bombing, it’s simply a “ROUTINE” enforcement of the no fly zones in response to Iraqi “AGGRESSION.”

What about the Iraqi civilian casualties? “My policy is in keeping with the past administration. As Albright said, it’s worth the million plus dead if it keeps Saddam in check from harming his neighbors and ISRAEL.”


1. The United Nations Resolutions did NOT establish the NO FLY ZONES. They were unilaterally declared by the U.S., Britain, and France in 1991. France later withdrew. 

2. The LOGIC behind the No Fly Zones according to America and Britain: 

a. The Southern No Fly Zone: to protect the Shi’ites from Saddam’s atrocities and murder. (The Irony: The economic sanctions have killed hundreds of thousands of Shi’ite children and adults, more than Saddam’s alleged atrocities could ever do. Thus it’s OK to kill Arabs as long as we or Israelis do it.) 

b. The Northern No Fly Zone: to protect the Kurds from Saddam’s atrocities. (The Irony: But we allow Turkey, our NATO ally, to go in under our protection to kill thousands of Kurds. Turkey has entered Iraq numerous times with as much as 35,000 soldiers to kill Kurds. Thus its OK to kill Kurds as long as our ally does it.) 

3. Why Bomb Now? 

a. The Economic Sanctions is dissolving with many nations now trading or flying planes into Iraq. Iraq has established internal commercial flights into both no fly zones. 

b. Russia, China, and France (members of UN Security Council) are challenging America’s leadership and hegemony and ignoring the sanctions. 

c. Iraq and Iran are discussing Rapprochement. 

d. Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, is succeeding in breaking the barriers between Kuwait and Iraq. 

e. China is increasing its military cooperation with Iraq. 

f. Israel is increasing pressure on Bush, testing him, to bomb Iraq, at our expense, to make sure it doesn’t face any threat from Saddam while it annihilates the Occupied Territories. 

g. The leaders in the Persian Gulf are getting nervous about the economic sanctions and the effect their having on their angry population against America and its hypocritical support for Israel to defy UN Resolutions while killing Iraqi’s in the name of UN Resolutions. Bombing Iraq should intimidate these leaders into silence. 

h. Kofi Annan is set to meet this week with the Foreign Minister of Iraq to discuss renewing Inspections. 

i. To undermine Colin Powell’s trip to the Middle East out of fear that his national popularity could impose its will on foreign policy. 

The best thing that ever happened to America’s national interest in the Persian Gulf (Oil) is Saddam Hussein. His stupidity and egomaniacal belief that America that supported him against Iran for ten years will stand aside and allow him to invade Kuwait. That’s the trapping message he received from the American Ambassador to Iraq and the Bush administration. They told him that the issue was an internal Arab matter. The idiot believed them and invaded Kuwait. Stupid Saddam delivered Iraq, the Persian Gulf, a fragmented Arab world while strengthening Israel by removing his deterrent army from the equation to America. Now America doesn’t want to leave the region for the sake of oil and for protecting Israel from Iraq and Iran. America will do anything to sabotage any peace movement toward Iraq that will jeopardize its hegemony in the Persian Gulf. Thus anytime America feels its interests are threatened, a crisis is manufactured and BOMBS AWAY. 

Saddam is primarily responsible for his people’s suffering. After finishing a punishing costly war with Iran he moves into Kuwait. Iraq has gone from a modern state to the dark ages due to his sick ego and stupidity. America’s hypocrisy, double standard and demonization of villains such as Saddam hampers its logical ability to dialogue and negotiate instead of using the language of death to appease Israel and our manufacturers of deadly instruments. Saddam is winning the media war while Iraq’s children are dying and America’s pride is standing in the way of a solution. Sanctions and Bombs have not worked for ten years, they’ve not worked on Castro for 40 years. Stop bombing and start Talking. 

When our government and leaders act in our own national interest and not listen to the Zionist Jewish lobby in Washington, American can have it all: A strong peaceful Israel, peace in the Middle East, and good relations with 60 Islamic nations. 

So far Bush’s act is flawed.

Mr. Mohamed Khodr is an American Muslim physician and a native from the Middle East. He has worked in Academic Medicine and Public health with national and international health experience. He is a freelance writer who often writes columns on the Palestinian cause, Islam and on America’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East. He lives in the Washington DC area.

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