Specter of Target Carnage!

Of-late, Israel has threatened to resume target killings including Hammas spiritual leader, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin-“as a ‘follow-up’-“of the newest suicide attack at the Erez crossing point near Gaza that killed four Israelis-“at the week-end.

The Palestinian leader has, however, retorted with zest that death threats do not frighten him. ‘They (Israelis) will have a price to pay for any crime they commit’, Yassin said.

Israel’s threat to decimate the Hammas leader is obviously a critical provocation against the Palestinians, who are already being brutalized by the Israeli forces ever since the brazen usurpation of their homeland by Jews over half a century ago.

The Israelis have virtually spared no fascist ploys to extinguish the Palestinians as a nation, but have dejectedly failed to slay their will to fight for a state of their own-“a right, which has been unequivocally recognized by the UN Security Council.

Since the creation of Israel in the heart of the Arab world, in the course of an Anglo-US connive, the Jewish State has unleashed massive death and destruction against the Palestinians, who have paradoxically been forced to live in refugee camps-“and that too on their own soil, by all perceptions-“a sacrosanct realm.

Though well-equipped with mighty arms n’ arsenal, Israel must realize that it cannot subsist in peace, if it doesn’t let the bona fide heirs of the captivating soil, the Palestinians live in peace.

The Palestinians are within their right to hit back to Israeli animosity, subjugation and tyranny in the Palestinian areas.

As is manifestly indexed in the history of every land on the orb, Israel will have to pay a hefty price for its felony.

With this realism, Israel should have no illusion to anticipate bouquets of fragrance-“with aroma or perfume as the apex feature-“from Palestinians in response to its brutalities, unleashed on the innocent dwellers-“in a way cramped to an explicit loop.

World stands witness that Israel has been carrying out blotch homicide for the several years-“in a time n’ again sequence-“and has in the course, gun down a lot of Hammas leaders.

But its perilous caveat to the life of fêted Sheikh Ahmed Yassin beams to the globe its utter insanity n’ psychosis, because Palestinians’ struggle for their own State will not end even if his precious life is made evaporated by Tel Aviv’s idiocy.

The solo answer to the objective state of affairs in the Middle East rests in the logical implementation of the roadmap for the resurgence of the Palestinian state-“at least-“in the West Bank and Gaza Strip with Jerusalem as its capital.

Towards this goal, the United States as well as the European Union owe to humankind to induce or sway-“the belligerent Israel, [an upshot of the ‘might is right’ propensity] to end its ascendancy and instead craft a milieu for the execution of the roadmap rather than vitiating the ambiance by resorting to target killings.

Israel’s resistance to the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian State is simply unintelligible n’ garbled-“especially with a raucous n’ jarring outlook-“‘not to shed ‘its territory’ for the rebirth of a pragmatic Palestine.’

Such an absurd n’ bizarre impend shall eventually bear out a risky scenario-“not only for the sphere-“composed of Middle East-“but would evenly prove as ‘a toxic shot’ for the planet which overtly articulates odium vis-à-vis all types of skirmishes n’ is zealously resolute to gaze n’ glimpse cute n’ charismatic icons of fabulous love for peace, amity, quietude, serenity and tranquility-“all-over.