State Terrorism and War Crimes in the name of ‘Democracy’ and ‘Freedom’

The US is supposed to represent the apex of ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ hence; those words have become synonymous with the ugly behaviour of the US forces. Just hearing the terms makes ones stomach turn, feeling revulsion, as does looking at the faces of Rumsfeld, Rice, Wolfowitz, Cheney, Powell, Blair and Sharon. All of them are vile war criminals and state terrorists from their own definitions and actions.

One British general stated on Television that the actions of the US forces in Abu-Gharib alone constitutes war crimes. The abuse, torture and the executions are not the acts of few soldiers and not confined to Abu-Gharib or to Iraq; it was and is the policy of the Pentagon. The grotesque looking General Miller, chief executioner of Guantanamo Bay was brought in to do the job. Miller and Rumsfeld would have earned the admiration of Adolf Eichmann. Donald Rumsfeld also being German descent may even have family ties with him and seems to have inherited the Nazi traits.

After Abu-Gharib, the US helicopters have fired at a wedding party killing forty-five people similar to what it did in Afghanistan last year. Most of the casualties seen on Al-Jazeerah TV were women and children but according to the likes of Sky TV the incident was still alleged or a ‘mistake’. Al-Jazeera TV broadcasted the statements from the actual witnesses on the ground where as the other channels like FOX TV and CNN conveniently failed to do and instead preferred to focus on the Pentagon claims. Who was silent up to that point of broadcast, then claimed ‘ignorance’, eventually and grudgingly admitted that its helicopters fired but at ‘insurgents’. Yet, the logic of all this is that Al-Jazeerah’s broadcast is an incitement to violence whilst the reports from FUX-TV and CNN are “fair and balanced”!

Using sophisticated high-tech equipment the US forces could not distinguish between a wedding party and an attack by ‘insurgents’. So did those young children and women as ‘insurgents’ posed a serious threat at the time? Or does the US no longer bothers with that sort of assessment reflecting its ‘professionalism’ and keeping in line with the policies laid down at Abu-Gharib? In fact the shooting was deliberate. The proof is in the conduct of its soldiers in the Abu-Gharib, the testimony of the Iraqis and the existing video clips showing US helicopters and a marine needlessly killing wounded Iraqis who were screaming from their wounds. The US marine described the feeling as ‘awesome’ after killing a wounded man on the ground from a safe distance. The marine represents the ‘courageous’ and ‘compassionate’ men th! at George Bush bragged about.

The US has a very good track record for shooting at defenceless civilians using the most lethal technologies and is coached by the Israelis and Jewish mercenaries operating at Abu Gharib. Its army is supposed to be professional and compassionate! That is perhaps except the perverted sadistic animals in Abu-Gharib, Bagram and Guantanamo Bay. They are the real “cruel and sick bastards”! Literally bastards since 33% of the US children are illegitimate which must reflect in its armed forces. I hope the editors of the New York Post will realise that if the killing Nick Berg deserves such titles (“cruel and sick bastards”) then think about the words that can describe the deliberate indiscriminate killing of women and children. Perhaps, there are no appropriate words or phrases in existence since even animals do not k! ill needlessly!

In reality from the conduct and track record, the US along with Israel epitomises ‘state terrorism’ – not democracy and freedom, as aspire to by the masses in the west. Had the attack been upon the American civilians it would have been instantly described as ‘terrorism’ conducted by ‘militants’. In contrast, the Iraqi civilian casualties simply does not exist until it gets caught on camera by Al-Jazeera or posted on the Internet by the perverted sadistic and cruel US soldiers.

Recently one ranting Republican who lacked knowledge of the basic historical facts regarding the recent conflict was exchanging emails with myself. In hysteria, she failed to recognise that Iraq never attacked the US or its allies; hence by any standards the US is clearly the criminal aggressor. As expected Saddam’s oppression was highlighted as if the US Republicans suddenly fell in love with the Arabs/Muslim masses after helping Saddam for approximately 25 years. That is like the Ku Klux Klan claiming to fight for the rights of the Blacks, Hispanics and anything else that is not white Anglo-Saxon! The pro-Zionist US ruling elite views the ‘sand niggers’ and ‘rag heads’ with disdain. Prince Bandar and King Abdullah may not see this but the masses in the Arab world clearly do. So, instead of burning the Iraqis on the crosse! s they are released in cages where the perverted animals of the US army and their free market mercenaries devour them and I am not referring to the dogs.

The US policy makers have stated that the war on “terror” will continue for decades. They are incorrect, it will continue for centuries, until true justice is gained. We (Arabs/Muslims) are not like the Japanese, Vietnamese or the Koreans that will simply forget these grotesque crimes. Bush and Blair can be assured that the war will begin when the war in Iraq has ended. The media and spin-doctors have inverted the relationship between “cause and effect” or “action and reaction” in an attempt to portray the aggressors as victims. Hence, the relatively humane killing of Nick Berg as compared to those tortured to death in places like Abu Gharib was a reaction not the cause! Similarly, 9/11 was a reaction to the earlier US atrocities in Iraq and by its client state Israel.

Shooting at civilians is a war crime but the US only calls for ‘restraint’ and such conducts are supposed to exemplify the only ‘democracy’ in the region which is run by the ‘chosen’ people of GOD. Bush is “troubled” by the recent Israeli massacre but no one is prepared to use the most appropriate term – “state terrorism”. In the case of Israel it is a “racist state terrorists” by its nature, philosophy and conduct. The UN condemns Israel and unlike Iraq there will be no military invasion or bombings in the name of UN and human rights.

The ‘leaders’ of the Arab/Islamic world are silent, some token ‘harsh’ words but otherwise business as usual. They could not show a minute amount of the zeal that they displayed in attacking Iraq along with the US, the chief ally of Israel. Their brutality is only reserved for their own population or other Arabs/Muslims. They have conveniently reduced Palestine from an Islamic issue to an Arab issue and then a Palestinian issue; eventually it will become a Gaza issue. There is nothing easier than washing your hands of responsibility, just look at another Arab clown called Gaddafi.

Let the Israelis and the Jews remember that it was not our forefathers that built the holocaust chambers or conducted the inquisition or the pogroms or the ritual murder of the Jews every Easter with the blessing of the pope! To the contrary we were the ones that protected them in Spain, Istanbul and in Morocco. Today they find the Islamic world divided and weak reflecting the colonial designs of the past and present. Despots and incompetent criminals, who only care to line up their pockets and preserve their petty tribal interests, rule the countries. So the Israelis continue the genocide and uprooting of our people, which began from the colonial invasion of the early 20th century.

We will return one day unified as one nation with one army and rest assure that those criminal Jews from the criminal state of Israel will have no sanctuary this time. Even though Islamic laws give them protection, the sons of those who have been killed may not adhere to that protection. The world is a witness to the fact that, it is the Jews that are hastening to full fill that prophecy of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), that the end of time will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them all. Prior to that time anti-Semitism will become a virtue not a stigma! Europe has begun to recognise this as has many patriotic Christian Americans – it is simply a matter of time.