Stop Congressional abuses of US taxpayers’ money to fund pro-Israel propaganda

Following the recent Palestinian elections and subsequent Hamas victory, the pro-Israel propaganda machine in the US went into overdrive pushing the idea that the US cannot deal with a terrorist organization, and that all US aid to Palestine should be ended. That was to be expected since it is no secret that the Zionist owned and controlled US media is a mouthpiece for Israel. Those journalists who do not agree with the pro-Israel propaganda that our media outlets regularly spew over US airwaves, and through print, may complain privately about the biases, but will almost never do, or say anything that could strike a balance in what is becoming a serious challenge to free speech, and critical thinking in the United States. A “fee press” is not considered free only because it has first amendment free speech protections. It used to be that a free press was also considered free, because it was duty bound by a commitment to an educated citizenry and an informed public consent, to serve society as a forum for competing views, especially on issues that shape and impact our national and foreign policies, public debt and appropriation of US taxpayer money.

Today, complaints about the media’s biases are routine following the corporate media’s complicity in leading our nation blindly into the war in Iraq based upon false intelligence that was driven mostly by journalists with agendas, and newspapers that compromised even their own journalistic standards in a bid to capture and control US public opinion on Iraq, preemptive strike, weapons of mass destruction and an Iraq nuclear program that was supposedly primed and ready to hit the US at any time. Even the media outlets that played significant roles in the anti-Arab and anti-Muslim propaganda campaigns following 9/11, leading up to the Iraq invasion, have owned up to the role they played, even if they claim that the harm done was the result of misadventure, and not premeditated.

Our Congress, who has embarked upon a similar type of pro-Israel propaganda campaign, should not expect to successfully recycle the media’s excuses, or rely upon the same public apathy. A nation that is daily burying our children, whose lives are being taken in a war, the cause of which was created by a fanatical pro-Israel media, and US Congress, is in no mood for more of the same misuses of power, taxpayer money, media, and media access that led us into the Iraq war. The US public will not be so forgiving as it has been, nor so tolerant of the many lies. The supposedly seasoned and savvy politicians who deck the halls of the US Congress will find it very difficult to explain their continued misuse of US taxpayer dollars to promote their very biased and prejudiced pro-Israel views through the guise of “Congressional hearings” on various topics related to US foreign relations and funds for Palestine. Remember that it was through such fake hearings that Steven Emerson introduced his recommendation for the use of secret evidence in US courts in violation of the 5th amendment to our Constitution. It was also through such mock Congressional hearings that the original lies about Iraq’s phantom weapon’s program were fed into the public record, and became the basis for legislation that mandated a US military attack against Iraq, and that earmarked US taxpayer money in the billions, for that purpose.

On March 2, Tom Lantos from California held a similar such hearing, that was little more than an abuse of taxpayer money and his public office, and all for the sake of Israel. No one can argue against the right of Lantos, and other Zionists in our Congress to love Israel, or to seek to protect Israel. We can argue against their using US taxpayer money, their public office, and taxpayer owned buildings and fixtures to do so, especially when they make absolutely no effort to encourage a full and open debate on relevant issues, and instead create forums for the dispensation of purely pro-Israel propaganda that is often untrue, and which has proven to always be damaging to the United States. Another mock hearing, which will be little more than a pro-Israel propaganda fest, this one sponsored by Zionist Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen, will add to the litany of pro-Israel, anti-Palestine rhetoric, funded with US taxpayer money, and aimed at creating a foundation for the anti-Palestine legislation slated to follow the fake hearing. If we learned nothing else from the 9/11 attacks, and the Iraq war debacle, we should have learned that it is not in the US interest to blindly follow the lead of the pro-Israel crowd in the US, or to allow them to dominate the public, or even Congressional discourse on matters related to the Palestine/Israel conflict, and US policy towards the Middle East.

Long before the attacks on 9/11 occurred, people were beating at the doors of the US Congress, asking them to listen to the alternative voices of activists and others, including experts in international law and affairs, who were trying to say that the US was being led into a trap in Iraq that would end in disaster in the Middle East. These same alternative voices sought to say that it was not in the US interest to support Israel unconditionally. They argued that Israel had become so dependant upon the US and US taxpayer money, that it had become part of Israel’s survival strategy to mislead the US Congress, and people, and to do anything necessary to co-opt our military, and our money to fund wars waged purely to eliminate any challenge to Israeli military dominance in the Middle East region, and to force open Arab markets, previously closed to Israeli goods through intimidation. These experts warned that the cost to the US for such support would be our prestige and credibility, the integrity of our intelligence, and the support of traditional US allies. All of what they said has proven to be true.

Our pro-Israel Congress has proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that US interests are not their primary motivation, and that the lives of our children are a secondary consideration in respect to their desire to protect Israel, and to destroy Israel’s perceived enemies at any cost. They are more than willing, no matter what the price, to use our lives and treasure toward that end. Along with instigating fear, hatred and war against Iran, and scheming to place US troops in Sudan, while promoting divide and conquer, and civil war in Iraq, our pro-Israel Congress in the United States now wants the US to assist Israel in further starving the Palestinian people to death, and also to hold up aid earmarked to repair the Palestinian infrastructure destroyed by Israel during its illegal military invasions into Palestinian refugee camps following the failure of the Oslo peace process.

It’s time for the American people to demand that US taxpayers’ money be used only to promote the US interest, and that public officials be prohibited from using their public offices, taxpayer money, our buildings, fixtures, etc., to advance their private beliefs, positions, religious clubs, organizations, doctrines and ideologies. To ignore this problem will only invite more wars for the sake of Israel, and the lives and futures of more of our young people, lost due to bloody lies, paid for with our own money, and with detriment to our national interest. If Congress will be reformed and its ethics improved, ending such abuses by Zionists in our Congress should be a first step.