Stop Nazi Tactics

In September 2000, Ariel Sharon deliberately ignited Intifada Two to garner votes and win the election–with thousands of casualties still being left in his wake–yet America now sides with Sharon to perpetuate that violence, saying Arafat cannot be allowed to use force for political gain.

The unfortunate bombing in Netanya caused Bush to green-light Israel’s racist agenda. Isn’t it obvious such acts are bound to happen since they happen every day? Why suddenly hold Arafat responsible for a single event after witnessing uncontrollable violence for eighteen months?

Sharon knew Arafat couldn’t control the violence. Sharon knows America’s “war on terrorism” can be manipulated to Israel’s advantage. Sharon had already destroyed Arafat’s ability to track down and incarcerate the extremists–who refuse to answer to Arafat in any case.

The Palestinians have been pushed off their land into camps, categorized, forced into poverty, even their water is controlled by the Israelis. Now Sharon conducts house-to-house searches, provoking further bloodshed. I object to having my taxes used to support any of these Nazi tactics.

There are many tragic ironies in life; none more disappointing than watching an oppressed people be killed in camps by the very ones who made the phrase “never again” mean so much to me as a child. Nothing defiles the Holocaust more than the belligerence of the state of Israel.

America’s claim of being a peaceful, compassionate nation is stained by its complicity. The leaders of the US and Israel should obey the United Nations or face charges of high crimes against the world.