Syria on the Infernal Flames

Syria, an Arab country in the Western Asia, situated at the East of Mediterranean, has been historically part of the Roman Empire for the period 64 B.C. to A.D.636. The country was mandated to France in 1922, along with the present state of Lebanon. Latakia and Djbel Druze were incorporated into it in the year 1924. This was by the end of World War I, under a planned conspiracy of distribution of the booty of the Great Ottoman Empire, the dwindling Khilafa. It followed balkanization of the Muslim countries in the Middle East according to the planned conspiracy. The French mandatory powers on Syria were nominally terminated as of January 1, 1942.

In the beginning of the previous century the political decline of the Muslim Umma reached its lowest ebb when majority of her states had come under the direct or indirect occupation/control of the alien powers. The Great Ottoman Empire was gradually declining in the post industrial revolution era of Europe. The West needed energy sources for its fast growing industries and sustenance of foreign lands to be used as market for its industrial products. It was the time when exploration of oil sources had started in the Arab Peninsula which was eyed cunningly by the big powers. With slogan of Arabism and promoting prejudices on the basis of race and regionalism, the Arab World was balkanized into small states and protectorates with changed boundaries and geography, to be ruled mostly by the puppet rulers, enthroned by the alien powers.

The Balfour Declaration of 1917 authorized the Jewish people to purchase lands with the right of settling on the Palestinian soil. This conspiracy against the Muslims was tantamount as to instill the worst enemy of the Arab nation in the heartland of the Middle East Like other Arab lands coming into the hands of the imperialist powers. Syria was also awarded to France in 1922 to be freed in 1942. The Al-Asad dynasty had, by dint of their cleverness managed to establish cordial relations with the French occupiers. At a later stage the whole lot of this family shifted to France and settled there. As said earlier, Syria was still under the French influence albeit its independence in 1942.

It was the year 1950 when the Asad family returned back to Syria. Hafiz Al Asad, the father of Basharal Asad after retiring from the air force service, was later on appointed as defense minister of Syria. The family comes from a minority sect of Alvis, comprising 15% of the population. During the Arab-Israel war of 1967, Hafiz Al Asad was serving as defense minister in the government of Nurud Din Al Atashi, a Druz Baathist. It was under his command that the Golan Heights were lost to the invading forces of Israel during the war. Hafiz came into power in 1971 with the help of France and ruled the country with an iron hand for 29 long years. He killed, injured or abducted through his secret operatives any one who dared to talk against his regime’s policies or the atrocities meted out to the masses.

Hafiz Al Asad after the death of his elder son Basel, declared his second son Basharal Asad as his successor. By then Basharal Asad was serving as medical doctor in the armed forces. In the year 1982, the Muslim Brotherhood revolted against the Asad regime but with no success as the uprising was subdued with brutal force. The atrocities increased with more severity when Basharal Asad succeeded his father in 2000, after the latter’s death. Corruption, nepotism, injustices became the order of the day. Consequent upon the recent uprisings in the Arab World, Syria could not escape the tsunami of what was named as Arab Spring, which washed away, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. Basharat uses all his state power to crush the revolt by killing brutally thousands of his people with destruction of property and infrastructure. He has failed to overcome the uprising despite using all dreadful tactical measures. Asad is now destined to go any time. However, Syria has now become the focus of the alien powers which are protecting their own vested interest in the post-Asad Syria. China and Russia are supporting Asad while America and Europe are there on the plea of supporting the opposition side. This is the overt situation as the current scenario testifies. Anyhow, we should understand, in the final analysis that neither Russia or China are friends and well wishers of Asad, nor America has any sympathy with the afflicted public, who are brutally killed by the regime’s forces.

It will be pertinent to recall here that the Soviet Union, a world power after the World War 1 and 2, had been able to bring into its fold of influence the Eastern Europe, more than 50% of the Muslim countries and India successfully. The whole of the Non-aliened movement was controlled by the USSR. The Global Capitalistic system was confronted with a strong challenge. This situation forced and guided the custodians of the capitalist movement to make a programme of planned assault on their adversary. Differences were created between China and the then USSR who was later on enticed to attack Afghanistan. America and her allies were successful in carrying out a worldwide propaganda campaign against the so-called Atheist power endangering the ‘People of the Book. A religious front was successfully formed against the invading USSR. Losing every thing in Afghanistan finally the USSR had to retract but with an unfortunate consequential end to its status of being a world power. The big power was obliterated and what remained was now a Russia only.

Believing that Russia was confronted with Himalayan economic problems and having undergone a catastrophic wear and tear, the NATO was now in a position to declare its war against the Muslim world on the ruses of 9/11 engineered drama, terrorism, WMDs and installation of ‘democracies,” The occupation forces under the leadership of America entered Afghanistan without realizing what in store there was for them. They are now entangled in Afghanistan like a fly in the spider web. At the same time Russia was fortunate enough to have a leader in the person of Putin who had the competence of reinstating his country’s might in a few years, to be a world power to reckon with. As such Israel, the US and the European allies have to fight on two fronts, simultaneously. They are under the compulsion of striving hard to push back Russia and China in the war for getting at the energy sources in the Middle East and the Central Asian Republics. On the other side they have no option but to remain in Afghanistan in some form in order to check the forward movement of Russia and China to the Central Asian states. Though miserably failing in Afghanistan, they cannot pull out totally for the reasons above, and are therefore, compelled to engage the TALIBAN for negotiating peace. Israel has its own vested interest. It believes, Russian vacation of Syria will help her in overcoming her problems as in the whole of Middle East it is the harbor of Tartoos where the Russian fleet is stationed. On the pullout of Russia, the possibility of an anti Russian regime in Syria coming into power is very likely to happen. It is in the interest of Russia to give a second thought to her strategic policy of siding so firmly with Asad Regime. It will be better for her to start establishing relations with the Public revolutionary movement. It is also in the interest of the revolutionists to accommodate Russia and make an allowance for protecting her interests in the region, so as to allure her to leave siding Bashal Asad with this great commitment. The Syrian revolutionists should understand the hypocrisy of the Americans. She has never been true to the Muslim. We are witness to her conduct after she fully utilized the muscles of the JEHADI Muslims in Afghanistan against Russia. The revolutionists must soften their strained relations with Russia. It should also be understood that Russia too, is by no standard a friend of the Muslims but establishing a working relation with her under the principles of lesser evil is the need of the time for the Syrian revolutionist.

Syria is on the inferno flames because of the different vested interests at loggerhead there. Asad has to go but after inflicting severe blows on his own people and destruction of that beautiful country which is a place of descending of the Jesus Christ (AS) at the Dome of the Masid-e-Ummayya in Damascus from the skies, for the complete annihilation of the Jews and forces of evil. It is also time for the Muslim Umma at large, to wake up from the deep slumber and should realize that it does not have any well wisher let alone friends in the non Muslim regimes both of West and East. The followers of the Last Prophet (SAW) have no alternative except to chose a way out for themselves. They should give up the practice of oscillating between America and Russia or in broader terms West and the East. They should, for their own cause and interest revert to the Final Authority, the Omnipotent Allah, and seek refuge there. They should start their struggle for the establishment of the system of justice, the system of Allah, the Caliphate which has been promised to come into existence before the end of this world. If this Divine System is once established, neither America nor any other pseudo super power will ever dare to allow any blasphemous activity in the name of freedom of expression. Pakistan is the most genuine place where its sons are under the obligation to rise for the establishment of that system, which had been promised by us during our struggle for independence. The Umma cannot fine refuge under the umbrella of so-called democracy which is non-existing even in the US in its true spirit, leave alone country like Pakistan, Afghanistan etc which are ruled by Washington through her puppets stationed at Islamabad and Kabul.