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Aafia Siddiqui: Victim of American Injustice

Eight years ago one of Pakistan's top female neuroscientist was convicted in an American court of trying to kill US military officers.In a highly...

Malala but not Afia

"Afia Siddiqui’s defense lawyers argued that their client had shot at the US officials in a panic and said the crime lacked any connection to terrorism. During the hearing, it was heard by the trial jury that Afia Siddiqui, the day after her arrest grabbed an M-4 rifle in her interrogation room and started shooting ‘death to America’."

Canada’s ‘honour killings’: Where is the sense of honour?

"The shameful, very noisy trial of the Shafias distorts the real news about Canada's relations with Afghans, a perfect metaphor for the high-tech imperial centre presenting itself (through the embedded media) as the world’s sole source of progress and reason, even as it drags that world down into chaos and destruction. The colonial periphery is depicted as savage and cruel, whereas it is in fact the victim of immeasurable violence at the hands of the empire. The handful of “honour killings” and hand cuttings for various crimes (especially popular in US ally Saudi Arabia), however deplorable, are a drop in the ocean of imperial violence, and have actually increased due to Western meddling."

9/11: looking beyond the propaganda

"Almost a decade after the first detainees were flown there from Pakistan, shackled, gagged and hooded, Guantanamo Bay remains open with almost 200 men still imprisoned without charge, despite President Barack Obama’s February 2009 promise to close it down. Obama promised change but the only change he has brought is a change of rhetoric."

Is Pakistan also on the edge?

"Separating totally from the US and then not looking back is the only chance Pakistan has at reclaiming its dignity and self-confidence....In order to forestall such an event, US pundits, experts, and ex-intelligence agents are already in overdrive predicting an armageddon scenario."