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The Jerusalem Question – Does Israel have unilateral rights to declare...

Does Israel have unilateral rights to declare Jerusalem as its capital?U.S. President Donald Trump thinks so. His controversial decision to recognize Jerusalem as the...

Bashar al-Assad must be brought down

"Muslim rulers today, especially in the Arab World, behave as if they don't have any accountability for their misrule and bad deeds. Through his crimes against the Syrian people, Bashar has disqualified himself for any reformation task."

A brief History of the Soviet Muslims

"Apart from this political, economic and linguistic subjugation, there was a concerted effort to destroy Islam amongst the conquered Soviet Muslims. Before the Communist Revolution of 1917, there were 24,000 mosques. A count around 1980 showed that there were less than 300 in the entire USSR. Some of these mosques were used as museums, clubs, and bars."

Islamic Civilization by the numbers

"The foundation of Islamic civilization was a set of Qur'anic ideals which include family values, good governance, social justice, and human rights."

President Bush and his Proclaimed Emerging Middle East Strategies

"Gunboat diplomacy is not going to bring a long-term stability in the region. The Iraq study group, wise men and women and an overwhelming majority of Americans want Bush to make a real drastic change in his strategy and bring our troops home in six months."