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Will Palestine be liquidated with Arab complicity?

Zionism is a colonial movement invented in the 19th century to transform a multi-religious Palestine to the apartheid “Jewish state of Israel”. It was...

Libya and Bahrain: contrasting Western attitudes

"The uprising in Bahrain and now gathering momentum in Yemen sends shivers down the Saudis’ collective spine. They fear their grip on power becoming loose. But it is Bahrain that worries the Saudis the most. The tiny Gulf state has a Shi‘i majority ruled by the oppressive Khalifa family that is closely linked with the Americans whose naval Fifth Fleet prowls the Persian Gulf from there. This explains why the Americans have been so lukewarm in supporting the struggle of the Bahraini people."

Bahrain: U.S. backs Saudi Military Intervention, Conflict with Iran

"The U.S. is no less complicit in the Saudi military intervention currently underway in Bahrain. Pentagon spokesman Colonel David Lapan stated the U.S. had been "informed" of but not "consulted" on the Saudi deployment, but his verbal sleight of hand was solely intended to cozen the uninformed and unwary given the recent visits to Bahrain by the head of the Pentagon and America's top military commander, who decidedly were not there to discuss the weather."

Arab Rulers vs. Israel: Of Mice and Men

"All Arab rulers are either Hereditary Monarchs or Military officers. Military Rulers establish their brand of “dictatorial democracies” where upon they win every election by at least 95%, although lately they’ve been embarrassed enough to lower the margin to 86%. These military rulers usually groom their sons as future rulers while handing the majority of industries to their family members and cronies. They rule by force utilizing their intelligence services, police, and military to subdue any protest and opposition which often results in the massacre or imprisonment of citizens without charges or judicial review. They rule by decrees and often under emergency rule much like Israel’s military occupation or the U.S. in through its “Patriot Act”. They consider the national economy as private wealth and use bribes to buy and silent potential critics and enemies. Every governmental institution is under their command. To quiet any dissent these dictators always blame and fire the prime minister du jour and his cabinet thereby showing their leadership while buying more time for their rule. The cycle of firing and replacing governments is their weapon of mass deception."



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