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Book Review: Islam & Muslims in the 21st Century by Abdus...

In 1978 Professor Edward Said’s book – Orientalism – was published. It was a groundbreaking critique of the West's historical, cultural, and political perceptions...

Candid thoughts on this year’s 9/11

"America must know that when one’s fist touches someone else’s nose, it is no longer freedom but abuse and violence. So while America cherishes freedom of expression she cannot allow hateful speeches, writings, messages and films to incite violence against minorities – neither here in the USA nor elsewhere. In its mourning of the victims of 9/11, America should not also forget that her vindictive actions, resulting in deaths of nearly a million unarmed civilians in the Muslim world, are only sure recipes of disaster, dividing our world into hateful camps. Such wanton killings and destruction of Muslim land only strengthen the very forces she wants defeated. It is time to reflect and work for a better world by routing out causes of our animosity."