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Death of a ‘crusading’ preacher

Billy Graham, widely touted here in the USA as 'America's pastor', died on February 21 at his home in Montreat, North Carolina. He was...

Jewish Opinion being alienated by Israeli Policies, Not by any "Delegitimization"...

"There can be little doubt that Israel's policies and its retreat from democratic values, rather than any campaign of "delegitimization," is causing its increased isolation in the world. Changing those policies--and moving toward genuine peace--is the most effective way to end that isolation. Israel's American friends would aid Israel far more by urging such a change in policy than by assaulting those--both in Israel and elsewhere--who point to the counter-productive policies of the Netanyahu government. Friends, as we like to say, don't let friends drive drunk."

Knesset Investigation of J Street another case of Israeli Interference in...

"It is high time that American Jewish organizations make it clear to the government of Israel that it should cease interfering in the internal affairs of the American Jewish community. American Jews are increasingly concerned with the politicization of their religion, and Americans of all faiths should be concerned about a foreign government exercising undue influence over an American religious community....No other foreign government argues that millions of Americans—solely because of their religion—are in "exile" in the United States and that their real "homeland" is that foreign country. Israel should content itself with being the government of its own citizens and end its interference in domestic American life."

Israel’s racist rabbis :: Wave of edicts urge: ‘Hate the gentile’...

"The general trend towards extremism has not happened by chance, said Sefi Rachelevsky, a prominent Israeli writer critical of the Orthodox rabbinate. Israel’s public coffers pay the salaries of some of the most extremist rabbis, and the education system regularly falls under the political control of religious parties like Shas."

Yale University’s Pro-Israeli, Anti-Islamic Conference

"They all, of course, presented one-sided, pro-Israeli views, underscoring the notion that Israeli criticism is anti-Semetic, when, in fact, it's principled, honest and more needed now than ever to expose and halt an Israeli/Washington partnership to conquer, divide and control the Middle East by force, stealth, deceit, intimidation, occupation, and political chicanery, common tools used by rogues and imperial marauders."