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The Aaland Islands Model and Kashmir

(Part one)There are some disputes in modern history that one might take lessons from in understanding the wisest course to take in resolving the...

The Jerusalem Question – Does Israel have unilateral rights to declare...

Does Israel have unilateral rights to declare Jerusalem as its capital?U.S. President Donald Trump thinks so. His controversial decision to recognize Jerusalem as the...

Trump’s Jerusalem proclamation backfires

On December 6, President Donald Trump appeased his Evangelical constituency by unilaterally proclaiming Jerusalem as Israel's capital, where the US embassy should relocate. Palestinians...

Trump’s Jerusalem Decision: A Fatal and Fateful Blow

President Donald Trump's decision to formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital was irresponsible and dangerous for more reasons than I can count. Let me...

Mass Murders: Domestic and Foreign

"Given that we spend trillions of dollars on weapons and war, more than any other nation on earth, the fact that we murder one another with more regularity than the people of any other nation should not be surprising. Are we deadly because we bomb cities, invade countries and murder tens of thousands in wars – all for good reason, of course, since they are our worst social enemies – or because we murder our neighbors, shoppers at the mall, gang bangers on the street or workers at the office – all for good reason, of course, since they are our worst personal enemies?"