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What’s behind the U.S. stock market bust?

In the last couple of weeks, the Dow-Jones index bounced like a wild horse that’s out of control. It closed at 23,190 before closing...

Pence’s Middle East

US Vice President Michael Pence's recent foray into Middle East politics has been nothing short of a disaster. Because he sees the world through...

Russia in the Middle East: Return of a superpower?

"Russia inherits fond memories across the Middle East region as the anti-Zionist Soviet Union’s successor. It now has the chance to gain long term credibility as a principled partner not only in the Middle East but to non-aligned countries everywhere, and should hold the fort, the anti-imperial one, against what's left of empire."

What evil web Washington weaves in Syria

"With the increasing conviction that the Assad regime is breathing its last breath out, Washington has initiated a contingency plan by focusing on the chemical weapons which they claim Assad government possesses and will use against the rebels and the civilians alike if they are forced to."

Pakistan’s marriage with America is unsustainable

"Many Pakistanis are now wondering how all of this is going to help them after looking at what the last 10 years of forced marriage with America has brought, apart from and Washington’s relentless war against Islam!...With America showcasing and supporting Pakistan’s corrupt and incapable civil and military leaders, the Pakistani public is becoming increasingly anti-American."