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Nuclear Power — Not Now, Not Ever

"Building a nuclear power complex along a shoreline opposite a subduction zone is risky. That fact is a "known known." How risky? That is an unknowable unknown. Any attempt to assess the risk, or for that matter the risk associated with any and all nuclear power plants, is almost certain to underestimate that risk. A reliable and accurate assessment of the risk of a failure of a nuclear power reactor is unobtainable, now and forever."

A General Overhaul

"...it is clear that the political establishment is in need of a general overhaul, nothing less. That is impossible with types like Eli Yishai and his master, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who proclaimed this week that the courageous female police officer, Ahuva Tomer, and the 41 cadets who were killed by the fire died because they broke the sabbath. Neither with types like Binyamin Netanyahu and his cabinet, nor with the so-called “opposition”.

Israel makes meeting another Arab a crime :: ‘Vague’ law used...

"The lawyers said the Shin Bet was exploiting the law to characterise innocent or accidental meetings between members of Israel’s large Arab minority and Arab foreign nationals as criminal activity....The chances of such contacts have increased rapidly with advances in new technology and opportunities for Israel’s Arab citizens to travel to the wider Arab world, said Hussein Abu Hussein, a lawyer who represents security detainees."

Pakistan’s Strange Democracy: Where Thugs and Criminals are Above the Law

"There is no functional democracy in Pakistan except few feudal lords running the show. Time and opportunities wasted will never be regained. The US and Britain never won any major conflicts in the Middle East and Southwest Asia. The colonialism ended as historical change but in disgrace for the British Empire without any choice. For their political aims and strategic hegemony, both would continue to control and manipulate Pakistan for their own strategic interests."

A Matter of Timing

"There will be no peace without the Palestinian flag waving above the Haram al-Sharif, the holy shrines of Islam which we call the Temple Mount. That is an iron-clad rule. Arabs can compromise about the refugee problem, painful as it may be, and about the borders, also with much pain, and about security matters. But they cannot compromise about East Jerusalem becoming the capital of Palestine. All national and religious passions converge here."