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The Coming of Age of the Black Muslims of South Africa:...

Black Muslims from all corners of South Africa converged in Fordsburg at the Palm Continental Hotel in Johannesburg from the 19th-21st of April 2019,...

Minority Profit = Majority Loss

"The loss of jobs bring lower employment costs for the ruling minority and higher social costs to the working majority who still have some form of incomes and pay taxes to keep rulers rich and not allow poor people to drop dead in the streets. As they expend more for weapons, consumer goods and security products to protect themselves from the alienated who are alleged to threaten them from below, they are distracted from noticing the tiny group laughing at them from above while it dumps garbage on their heads."

Occupy Wall Street Movement and US oligarchy

"A combination of factors - unending wars, a foreign policy managed by Israel, the massive culture of corruption, refusal of the super-rich to pay their fair share of taxes and the loss of America’s manufacturing capacity - have brought the once mighty US economy to its knees. Ordinary Americans including its youth have finally realized who their enemy really is: the Wall Street banksters and executives, hence their movement Occupy Wall Street."

Class War: It is about Time

"The increased problems of warfare, environmental destruction, unemployment, poverty and a besieged public sector cannot be solved by relying on the market lust for private profit which created them in the first place. These universal crises call for radical transformation of the political economics at their core. It does seem that more people the world over are demanding change but the forces of reaction will try to channel those demands into further acceptance of a status quo. We need a party that stands against the one percent capitalism that rules, and for the 99% democracy that should. Republicans boldly stride toward soft-core fascism while Democrats mince closer to hard core neo-liberalism. Not just America but humanity cannot accept anything less than wholesale, radical restructuring of the system that threatens all into one that benefits everyone....Class war? It may be an idea whose time has finally come."

Your Money, or Your Life

"Extortion by Insurance Company lobbyists must end. We need a Single Payer system immediately. One big advantage of Single Payer is that it will treat everyone as an equal. Everyone will finally have the same health care as that which the members of Congress and the President will have. That is an important protection for ordinary people."



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