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Nawaz Sharif et al. free yet again!

On Sep 19, 2018, an Islamabad High Court Bench suspended the sentences of Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Safdar and her husband, Safdar Awan.Whether these three have...

Adolf and Amin

BINYAMIN NETANYAHU is a perfect diplomat, a clever politician, a talented leader of the army.Lately, another jewel has been added to his crown:...

US aids ISIS in Afghanistan: ISIS is a convenient foil for...

That the takfiri terrorists (also known as: the Islamic State (IS), the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), or Da'ish) have been operating...

Rohingya Cultural Anthropology

(The author's note: The account given here is a very short summary of the facts drawn from my published books. Deeper and broader presentations...

Democracy – A game of power politics

"This situation negates the claim that democracy is the rule of majority. It is never so. Has the time not come for us to ponder over the situation for a change and devise a complete new system of our own which is in consonance with our norms and its constituents are derived from the teachings of Islam."