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Adolf and Amin

BINYAMIN NETANYAHU is a perfect diplomat, a clever politician, a talented leader of the army.Lately, another jewel has been added to his crown:...

Climb Down From the Summit of Hostile Propaganda

Throughout the day before the summit in Helsinki, the lead story on the New York Times home page stayed the same: “Just by Meeting...

The UN Report on Kashmir: Reassuring Development

The United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights (UNHCHR) has issued its “Report on the Situation of Human Rights in Kashmir.” The report contains...

Strong as Death

OH, GAZA. Strong as death is love.I loved Gaza. That is a play on words. The Biblical Song of Songs says that love...

Cologne Conference demands accountability of the Myanmar Government

The Rohingyas are victims of a ‘slow-burning genocide’ that is perpetrated as a national project in Buddhist Myanmar (formerly Burma). Some 700,000 Rohingyas have...