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Bernie 2020 Campaign Has Corporate Democrats Running Scared

With a launch of the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign on the near horizon, efforts to block his trajectory to the Democratic presidential nomination are...

The Uyghurs – Detained in their own land

Imagine that you are living in a country where most of your family members are now detained in mass detention camps where they face...

Australian Islamic Leadership show a unity

The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, in his recent statement, says that he expects all leaders in Australia, whatever religion they come from, or...

Without the UN, our world would be an even more dangerous...

For 70-odd years, the world has experienced a period of relative peace and stability achieved through global cooperation and the establishment of empowered international...

Canada vs. the Rule of Law

I’m aware that Canada, unlike its southern neighbor in which I live, has just recently, ever so slightly, stood up to certain of the...



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