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Rise of Hindu fascism in India threatens Muslims

"Muslims in India continue to live in fear and anxiety unsure as to when their Hindu neighbour will replace the sweets he brings with a sword. Hindutva is alive and raging and with Western nations tripping over themselves to cement links with a potential future superpower, do not be surprised if many more countries turn a blind eye to the ongoing genocide of India’s Muslims. After all, Muslims are dispensable when there are rich pickings to be made. Money talks and Muslims in India will be the sacrificial lambs for the rupee bonanza."

Correcting the Indo-Pak partition history: a step in the right direction

"The Muslims in India had been living with the people of other faith especially with Hindus, comfortably, for centuries until the British took over the control of India from the Mughal Emperors."

Hindutva’s growing threat to Muslims and Peace in India

"Unfortunately, Western media do not routinely cover the growing issue of how many Indian politicians are calling for a Hindu-ized India and who habitually spout hatred against India’s minorities, especially Muslims. In fact, Western media prefer to focus on "Islamic" fundamentalism, while turning blind eyes to the growing threat of Jewish, Christian and Hindu fundamentalism."

India-Pakistan ‘Peace Process’ and Kashmir

"The current peace process has created a favourable atmosphere for trade and commerce reinforcing old and mutual links, pushing Kashmir to the periphery. But it has yet to reach to the levels of ultimate trust as both the countries have failed to build a consensus on the Kashmir issue and its ultimate solution."

Helix of Kashmiris’ Jerk

"Amid, this realism, catalogued in history, New Delhi must try to admit and identify the pragmatic significance of the then [1931] British Prime Minister of the State, Weckfield..."



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