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Arab Americans votes and the Yemen war

With diverse backgrounds Arab and Muslim Americans vote in unpredictable ways; however, in these midterm elections the majority are likely to favor Democrats. Feelings...

Khashoggi Assassination: How Safe Are South African Critics of Saudi Arabia?

What certainty do South African critics of Saudi Arabia have that they will not face the same tragic fate that befell Jamal Khashoggi?Three recent...

The Struggle for Palestinian Rights: Then and Now

Forty years ago this month I left a tenured teaching position and moved to Washington, DC to run the Palestine Human Rights Campaign (PHRC)....

The Presidential Pardons

Remember Lewis "Scooter" Libby who served as an adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney?From 2001 to 2005, Libby held the offices of Assistant to...

Strong as Death

OH, GAZA. Strong as death is love.I loved Gaza. That is a play on words. The Biblical Song of Songs says that love...