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Freedom Day and Palestine

Radio talk shows in South Africa have entrenched themselves as powerful platforms affording listeners means to engage, debate and question.And in the tradition of...

Palestine’s Demand: Suspend Israel’s “Free Passage”

A recent protest action by Palestinians outside the South African mission in Ramallah, conveyed a forthright and damning message: "Why have you dumped us?...

Egypt wins Freedom

"Politics is the game of pretension, fear and hatred, and like Egypt millions are recruited in secret police establishments to watch the herd and keep the authoritarian rulers in palaces. This has been the blueprint of the US led Western collaborative relationships with the tyrannical rulers of the Arab Middle East. Now the blueprint is shattered, the Western think-tanks could not have imagined seeing it happened in their lifetime. They were all egomaniacs who cherished the sensation of power and cruelty to enjoy good life. But recent developments make us think what was unthinkable, that when a people want to strive for their rights and freedom, despite many difficult hurdles and mountains of obstacles, nobody can stop the process of change and freedom from oppression."

Israel and Apartheid: Is it a fair comparison?

"America, which provides a great deal of financial, military and political support for Israel, needs to be aware of this debate in Israel and in Jewish circles, and to understand the ramifications of uncritical support for the policies and actions of Israel toward the Palestinians and its Arab neighbors. To stifle and censor the discussion of these important issues does no favors for the United States, Canada or for Israel or the Jewish people."

Lies can’t sanctify the Apartheid State

"The apartheid regime in South Africa is a distant memory today. But the pains of Israeli apartheid system still linger. It refuses to read the writings on the wall. Through its monumental crimes it gives a bad name to Judaism."