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Falling U.S. Dollar is bad news – Especially for the poor

"If the present currency instability is not rectified, the entire world economy could slow down, triggering a global recession. A recession on such a massive scale would hurt us all - but none more than the world’s poor, who will pay more dearly than anyone else for the follies of the rich."

Where else but in Canada?

"Today, it would seem that the civilizations of East and West, or the Muslim and non-Muslim world, have become reversed. But perhaps it is more a case of having forgotten those former glories in the pursuit of present-day materialism and political agendas. A re-discovery and renewed appreciation of Muslim accomplishments would benefit all of humanity, allowing us to see -- and hopefully resolve -- present conflicts within the wider spectrum of human history."

What is reasonable about "Reasonable Accommodation"?

"Premier Jean Charest clearly failed to show leadership or even short-term vision when he neglecting to take this opportunity to emphasize that Québec’s population consists not only of white, French-speaking Catholics, but that Quebec is Canada’s most inclusive and culturally diverse province, one that should be proud to respect and accommodate all of its citizens - without exception. Instead, he has remained silent and absent when hijab- wearing girls in his province were barred from soccer and judo, and when racist comments were made about Jews in Québec."

No one knows what goes on behind closed doors, which is...

Mexicans and Canadians do not want to be incorporated into the United States, and they are ambivalent about adopting the American dollar, but they are more willing to become part of a single country of North America and of a unified currency, like the “Amero..."

-- Robert Pastor

Canada at 140 – Some Lessons from History

"As long as the native people complied with the various trading companies, they were generally left alone, but whenever they resisted the traders’ pricing and policies, they were subjected to total genocide -- economically, religiously, culturally and physically. In 1666, De Tracy destroyed rebellious Mohawk villages."