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Canada at 140 – Some Lessons from History

"As long as the native people complied with the various trading companies, they were generally left alone, but whenever they resisted the traders’ pricing and policies, they were subjected to total genocide -- economically, religiously, culturally and physically. In 1666, De Tracy destroyed rebellious Mohawk villages."

Terror in Toronto or Tempest in a Teapot?

"The press loves turning to someone resembling authority at such times for incisive comments, so mysterious "terror experts" suddenly are everywhere on Canada’s airwaves. God, they seem to have descended like a great ugly flock of grief counselors, another questionable kind of expert, following a school killing."

The Iceman Cometh :: Canada’s New Prime Minister, Stephan Harper, Starts...

"In economics, often, events that mean one thing for individuals mean something else for the community. Thus, Harper's small change in the GST, which will be almost imperceptible to consumers in their individual purchases, still will manage to deprive the federal treasury of a substantial annual sum."

Free Speech or Hate Speech?

"...the full context of its initial publication can shed some light on the intent behind its continued publication. They were published against a backdrop of ever increasing levels of Islamophobia and racism, where even the Queen of the land had called for the demonization of Muslims."

Nobody has the right to spread slander, libel or bigotry in...

“The portrayal of Muhammad in a pejorative fashion is to [Muslims] an inconceivably offensive desecration… Because it was done in newspapers across Europe, it was a slap in the face repeated thousands of times.”

-- Jewish lawyer Edward Miller