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The Conscience of a Voter

"There still is an amazingly large number of US citizens who do not believe that US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright admitted during a CBS Sixty Minutes interview with Leslie Stahl, on May 12,1996, that 500,000 Iraqi children died as a result of US policy. Albright then went on to add that ''...we think the deaths of 500,000 children was worth it...". Any voter who is still in denial, and does not believe that Albright was expressing official US policy, should not vote. Voting for the wrong candidate can be dangerous to children and other civilians around the world. The US has devised all sorts of ways to kill those in other countries. Drones, bombs, and bullets are not the only weapons. Starvation, contaminated water supplies, and destruction of the infrastructure also kill."

Iran and the Brunt of Nuclear Crucifixion

"Given the destructive power of these nuclear weapons and the fact that they can easily bring the world to the brink of destruction if not to total chaos, the idea of a safe world is but absurdly grotesque. Even more grotesque is the fact that a number of the so-called international bodies lie through their teeth about Iran’s nuclear energy program which Iranian leaders vehemently enunciate are meant for only civilian purposes and shut their eyes to the potentially apocalyptic horror these weapons can unleash in the hands that hold them."

State Department Reveals 21st Century NATO’s Global Priorities

"What has already been decided, as confirmed by Deputy Secretary Kaidanow on April 26, is that NATO will remain the world's only nuclear alliance, one which will continue stationing U.S. strategic weapons on air bases in European countries under NATO's nuclear sharing arrangement."

War, Occupation and Massacre

"No one should ever be surprised when innocent children die in war zones. In fact, every time a Drone fires a weapon, or a bomb is dropped from a plane, it is probable that innocent civilians are killed....Because too many US voters lack the critical thinking skills necessary to understand how the world works. We have a dysfunctional political system, a culture that celebrates stupidity and violence, and an inferior educational system. Of course there are exceptions. Some teachers are smart, dedicated, and supportive of their students. There are not enough of them. Some people choose C-Span Book TV over the reality shows. But not enough citizens make that wise choice. It seems that the national IQ is at an all time low. People don't know what they don't know. Uninformed voting is epidemic and has disastrous consequences."

Dear Mr. President: Letters from Israel partisans that took America to...

"Commenting on Obama’s reluctance to intervene in Libya, Bill Kristol mocked the president’s “doubts and dithering” about “taking us to war in another Muslim country.” Declared the founder of the Emergency Committee for Israel, “Our ‘invasions’ have in fact been liberations. We have shed blood and expended treasure in Kuwait in 1991, in the Balkans later in the 1990s, and in Afghanistan and Iraq—in our own national interest, of course, but also to protect Muslim peoples and help them free themselves. Libya will be America’s fifth war of Muslim liberation.” In a follow-up note to the Weekly Standard, Paul Wolfowitz had “one minor quibble”: “Libya, by my count, is not ‘America’s fifth war of Muslim liberation,’ but at least the seventh: Kuwait – February 1991, Northern Iraq – April 1991, Bosnia – 1995, Kosovo – 1999, Afghanistan – 2001 and Iraq – 2003.” With Syria awaiting its “liberation” in 2012, perhaps it’s too early yet to say, “Shukran, Israel.”