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Reform at the UN needed to stop world disorder

The United Nations Organization, like the League of Nations before, was conceived for the noble purpose of ending wars between nations. Yet, we have...

Western Refugee Policies Are One Endless Evian Conference

Evian is not just a bottled water company. And the town of Évian-les-Baines in France on the south shore of Lake Geneva is not...

Separation is Beautiful

JUST IMAGINE: A new movement among the Mizrahim is born in Israel.It declares that all the existing organizations of Mizrahim (Oriental Jews) are phony....

Mali: U.S. Africa Command’s New War?

"The U.S. has been involved in the war in Mali for almost twelve years. Recent atrocity stories in the Western press will fuel demands for a “Responsibility to Protect” intervention after the fashion of those in Ivory Coast and Libya a year ago and will provide the pretext for American and NATO military involvement in the country....AFRICOM may be planning its next war."

Who is inventing, Newt?

"... weren't the Scandinavians once called the Vikings and the Iraqis once called the Mesopotamians? That never changed the future national identities they would later assume. Modern-day Palestinians are indigenous inhabitants of the Holy Land, and this reality can never change no matter how “inconvenient” the existence of Palestinians is to the narrative of others....When it comes to the subject of Palestinians, there is seemingly an endless supply of illusionists yapping on TV, radio, newspapers and now presidential debates by candidates looking to score brownie points before elections."