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Brexit Blues

Politicians never lie. Well, hardly ever. They're not into full disclosure, as a rule, but they know that if you lie, sooner or later...

Pentagon Chief rallies Arab and Israeli allies against Syria and Iran

"As with his visits earlier this year to South America and Asia, Panetta's trip to North Africa and the Middle East has a concrete objective: To solidify military ties with states bordering or near the remaining handful of nations in the world not enmeshed in the Pentagon's global network."

A nation that wants to live in peace

"No country in the contemporary age can claim or testify that Iranians have plotted to undermine their security and stability. Iran hasn't ever threatened any country with military expeditions to expand its ideology. The revolution of Iranians in 1979 was that of a kind of culture and religion. Iranians have always longed for living in peace and tranquility. It's Iran's independence and its non-alignment with the world's superpowers that troubles them."

Global Peace and Wars: America at War with itself

"Built on lies and political deception, the on-going wars were suppose to create a new culture of fear amongst the American and European common masses, enabling the ruling elite to sustain their grip over the powerhouses for long time to come as did the Nazis, a war of thousand years to dominate the world. Instead, it has backed fire; the leaders are fearful day and night from the masses and unable to cope with the challenging public concerns on the war causalities or to answer rational questions about the outcome of these self-generated conflicts. Ironically, the American and British leaders are fighting wars they cannot win, nor afford to lose in the public eyes."

At best, a year of reassessment

"...no longer is nothing agreed until everything is agreed. Now, a partial, territorial settlement becomes possible. And second, the PLO UN initiative, by creating a Palestinian state, moves the conflict and its resolution to a state-to-state basis, where it should be easier to resolve and less dangerous even if the pre-1967 issues remain unresolved. When Abbas or his successor returns to the negotiating table as president of a state of Palestine whose territory and population are clearly defined rather than as chairman of the PLO with its large diaspora constituency, the conflict should be easier to manage, to the benefit of both sides."