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What a week for the New Troika!

This past week has been a very exciting week globally. At home, in the USA, there was the much-anticipated House hearing of Michael Cohen, President...

The Guardian escalates its vilification of Julian Assange

It is welcome that finally there has been a little pushback, including from leading journalists, to the Guardian's long-running vilification of Julian Assange, the...

The problem with American democracy

The 2016 American presidential election and its result have been odd by any standard. No one expected Donald Trump, a man who never ran...

The turbulent 2011 at a glance

"...2011 was a year full of turbulence and clamor for the international community. It was a year of wars, revolutions, threats and failures. One should wait to see whether 2012 will be a continuation of the crises which happened to our world or we can once again experience peace, tranquility and stability."

US silent war, loud weapons on Iran

"The US silent war with Iran is no longer silent. It is gradually becoming loud and deafening. In fact, Washington's literature of threat shuts the window to any meaningful dialogue with Iran. Besides, the top echelons in Washington have made up their mind: they are hell bent on doing their worst and bringing about a doomsday in the region and Iran will be sure to conjure up a Golgotha before their eyes."




Roadmaps to devastation

The Armageddon Election

Interview with Afif Safieh