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Mukherjee’s Speech at the RSS Event

Former Indian President Pranab Mukherjee addressed the closing ceremony of the 'Tritiya Varsha Sangh Shiksha Varg', a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), an Indian right-wing, Hindu nationalist, paramilitary volunteer...

From Salala to Malala and beyond

"Nobody from the ruling class has the courage to say straight that we are burning ourselves in the fire lit by America for her vested interest in the region, to have control over the treasures lying beyond Afghanistan in addition to the containment of Russia and China. They are killing us with drones and through their secret operatives, because we are being tamed through threats and temptations."

Obama’s Speech at the U.N. General Assembly – Long on Sound...

"...President Obama’s speech is long with hypocritical sound bytes but short on facts. As the president of the most powerful nation on earth, he can afford to speak with a forked tongue and lecture the world about universal values, but in this age of social media and the Internet, most people are not fooled by such hollow words when they see double standards in their application."

The latest Extinction Campaign against the Rohingyas of Burma

"The recent riots in the Rakhine state once again highlight the vulnerable status of the Rohingyas of Burma. Declared stateless, they are unwanted inside Myanmar and unwelcome as fleeing refugees in neighboring countries like Bangladesh and Thailand. This is the greatest tragedy of our time."

Pakistan: Beleaguered Nation Looks for Change

"America is a big game player in Pakistan and its security apparatus. The aid gimmick has kept Pakistan interdependent on the policy making of the US administration and a nation being viewed more liability than an asset to the American geo-political interests in that region. The US leaders allege Pakistani rulers (civilians and military) as “double dealers” paid, bribed but act contrary to the American dictates. The imagery that floats across the globe that Pakistani Generals and politicians are in the paid US basket and survive on its active support to rule Pakistan. The beggar nation that continues to be living at the mercy of the so called US aid money and foods, often defined as conspiracy to fighting proxy wars in Afghanistan and elsewhere. All that can go wrong have gone wrong with the system of Pakistani governance. Every one selling others, every one making cash dollars by trading-in the interests of the Muslim nation. It is business “as usual” and nobody seems to raise any eyebrows anymore in a culture of nuisance, filthy corruption, and non-Islamic governance claiming to be Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Nobody knows where Islam exists or operative in Pakistan. It is certainly not part of the governance as it stands now. All political parties are fun seekers, engaged in reactionary exercises and in show business. None seem to have the political, moral and intellectual capacity, vision and leadership to stand for Islamic Pakistan."



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