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Princely Visits

PRINCE WILLIAM, Duke of Cambridge, second in line to the British throne, visited Israel this week.He seems a likable person. He looked like a...

What a Friday!

I travel a lot by air. Last week I was on one such trip when I left my home in a suburb of Philadelphia...

FAILED: Foreign Policy as We Know It

The Stop the War Coalition has just published a short summary of what’s wrong with the foreign policy, going through a partial list of...

Arab Leadership Quagmire: Do they need more weapons or more wisdom?

The GCC Arab Leadership PuzzleWestern political dinner tables spare not a day without hollow waves of laughter about what the Arab leaders say and...

Thank you, Smotrich

I OWE many thanks to Bezalel Smotrich. Yes, yes, to Smotrich of the extreme right, Smotrich the fascist.Recently Smotrich gave a speech to...