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Is Israel’s tax grab a prelude to further hollowing out the...

Israel's decision to withhold part of the taxes it collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority and plunge it deeper into crisis starkly illustrates...

The Struggle to Advocate for Palestinians Has Never Been Easy

It has never been easy for Arab Americans to advocate for Palestinian rights and while we've made real progress, the challenges continue to grow....

Palestinians: Victims of an Unjust United States Law

Imagine that you are a victim of a violent crime or theft but are forbidden from reporting it because Congress has passed a law...

Ordinary citizens: the silent victims of anti-Iranian sanctions

"When all's said and done, Iran is currently experiencing difficult times, and its people are under mounting pressure in their daily affairs. Iran's economy is on the brink of bankruptcy as a result of the biting economic sanctions and the international community is calmly and silently witnessing the painful suffering of the Iranian people. The anti-Iranian sanctions clearly run counter to the principles of human rights, but it seems that those who advocate such values don't believe that Iranians are also "humans" who might perchance have some "rights" including the right of access to medicine, foodstuff, employment and above all, respect and human dignity."

Netanyahu Visits a Different Washington, He Hopes

"Israel's supporters have been fuming over the White House's recent efforts to pour cold water on their threats of war. Netanyahu is particularly upset with warnings by senior Administration officials regarding the potentially devastating consequences of a military strike against Iran or concerns raised by U.S. military officials about the effectiveness of an Israeli attack. They want a clear message of support from the President for their push to end diplomacy, isolate, and then punish Iran. They want Obama to embrace the "red lines" they have drawn up regarding Iran's nuclear program and to join them in ratcheting up the rhetoric against Iran. And they do not want any reminders from Obama of the matter they are working hard to forget. They do not want criticism of Israel's ever expanding settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, or of demolitions of Palestinian homes and new repression in the occupied lands—all of which have intensified in recent weeks (almost as a "dare" to the U.S. President)."