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King and Emperor

ZIONISM IS an anti-Semitic creed. It was so right from the beginning. Already the founding father, Theodor Herzl, a Viennese writer, penned some pieces with...

The Strategy Palestinians Need to Develop

Three decades ago, I was invited to address a Palestinian American audience on the work that was needed to change American policy toward Palestinian...

Israel seeks ‘Jewish’ non-Jews in numbers battle with Palestinians

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered a crushing rebuke to the perennial optimists roused to hopes of imminent peace by the visit to the...

Goodbye to a War

"The split was exacerbated by the Tea Party fanatics. It seems that every few generations the American nation is afflicted by a new wave of insanity – the anti-Anarchist hysteria after WWI, McCarthy after WWII, the Tea Party now. To its immense credit, America has a knack of overcoming these waves. But the Tea Party killed Romney, in spite of all his desperate flip-flopping."

Will unshackled politicians deliver peace in Palestine?

"An unshackled US president along with Palestinian leaders yearning for peace can be a perfect formula for progress in this century-old conflict. No case can enable the reelected president to etch his legacy and be remembered in history more than the Palestinian case."



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