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Pakistan: Towards Understanding the Challenges of Political Change and Future-Making

Are the New National Elections a Prelude to Change? People have spoken out loud and quite logically, Imran Khan is the elected candidate to lead...

Nicholas Kristof’s errors with his latest article – Test Your Savvy...

"...it is well-known, rather than relying on the classical Arabic of the Qur'an to understand a verse simply relying on a mistranslation in English or other language can sometimes be problematic. This problem is also quite acute with many old scriptures that are open to so many interpretations."

The Curse of Political Assassination must be Removed

"Political assassination has almost never solved the problems which often were cited to justify such heinous crimes. It is wrong and must be shun and condemned by all conscientious human beings."

Approaching the Finishing Line: Hope and Passion in Nevada

"As I write this, the handwriting is clearly on the wall for a substantial Obama victory on November 4th. But that assumes that the Republicans, staring a likely Electoral College tsunami in the face, would back off this time from trying to steal the election yet again. Such thievery tactics as vote-tampering, the usual dirty tricks and last-minute robo-calling lies, viral-email distortions of the record, etc., would be too embarrassingly obvious."

The ISI flip-flop: Anatomy of Defective Decision-Making

"If a State and society needs to be successfully steered towards stability, progress and internal unity, there is no room for immature, reactive, secretive and cliquish decision-making."



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