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The Immigration Debate We Must Not Lose

The debate over US immigration policy is a very personal one for me. It's about my family's history and the hardships they faced coming...

Immigration, A Perennial Issue of Concern in the U.S.

"Racism, I believe, is one of the fundamental components of the hostility towards immigrants. I don't really like to use the word "race" or overly emphasize "racism" as a factor, especially as I believe that "race" is a misnomer in that all of us are of the same race, the human race. I use it only because it is in the common vernacular while often used to point out an imaginary great divide linked to ethnic variance and supposed negative traits that are assigned to people who superficially appear different."

Contrived Controversy – Islamic Center in New York

"It is important to realize that bigots on all sides are equally reprehensible. Each side considers the nameless, faceless bigots on the other side to be despicable propaganda figures. While the bigots on their side to be human beings who love their children and are good neighbors, therefore are more easily swayed by their rhetoric. In wars of supremacy each side succumbs to those who misuse religion and yields leadership to the most despicable charlatans among them."