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The Jumping Parliament

YEARS AGO, when I was a member of the Knesset, I decided to stage a demonstration in the plenum hall.I put on a T-shirt...

Why can’t we all insult one another?

"Now that Europe has automated street sweeping technology they no longer need the surplus labor of the third world. Why bother educating the offspring of the millions of immigrants who participated with their blood, sweat and tears in rebuilding post-war Europe. Why allow them into universities when they have an infinitesimal chance of securing professional employment."

Of Benny Morris and ethnic cleansing

"...the relentless quest to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from the land between the River Jordan and the Sea is still going on. Only now, it is less 'noticeable' to the outside world. Israelis leaders openly talk of the term 'transfer', a coded word for ethnic cleansing. In a world where barriers have come tumbling down, Israel is erecting them in order to imprison and torture the Palestinian people."