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India’s Media War

An interesting war is going on between the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Indian National Congress on social media. This time the Congress seems...

24 items not to hoard

"Will a magnifying glass, even a round one, provide you with what could have been provided by a group of friends and neighbors working together? Maybe we're trying to focus on the tiny details so much that we're missing the bigger picture."

Eisenhower wouldn’t have stood for this

"Nations with less wealth than ours have higher standards of living, life expectancies, infant survival rates, education levels, vacation days, retirement security, and progress toward green energy. There's no technological reason we can't run everything in this country on clean energy. There's no law of physics preventing us from providing free top-quality education for all who want it from pre-school through college. There's no medical reason we can't have universal health coverage. What's standing in the way is a broken political system, and what is breaking it is in large part the military industrial complex."

9/11: mysterious collapse of third building

"The US government has a lot of explaining to do. It can no longer dismiss such evidence by branding it as “conspiracy theories”.

The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself

"...irrational fear breeds irrational and hypocritical responses. Hopefully, India will respond to the Mumbai attacks by adopting the more rational Spanish model and not the hysterical U.S. model."



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