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Yes, You Can!

"There is no chance for progress towards Israeli-Palestinian peace without American pressure on the Israeli government. That has been true for decades, and that remains true today."

Pakistan As "New" Front In Terror War

"It is likely the hotel bombing is a response to a number of attacks carried out by the United States and its allies over the past several weeks."

Drive-by Cover Cartoon: The New Yorker Magazine Whacks the Obamas

"One good way to ensure that we continue to enjoy something like freedom of expression in America is to practice self-restraint when there is a temptation to abuse liberty as license."

Stop Calling Me a Jew! — Barack Obama and the Politics...

"...it's time that Americans grow up and get over their post and pre-9/11 bigotry, and it's high time that our political candidates take the lead."

Jews Turn Right, Muslims Turn Left

"...many Canadian Jewish intellectuals are assaulting Canada's policies regarding multiculturalism, immigration, and what they consider federal "giving in" to natives' land claims. They are no longer speaking out against the deterioration of civil liberties in this country. Some are even attacking the
political left for defending the rights of Palestinians, calling them anti-Semites."