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Ramaphosa at SAJBD: Pandering to Apologists for Israel’s Apartheid Regime or...

President Cyril Ramaphosa is due to address South Africa's Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD), in what has become a ritual for leaders of the...

Lasting Damage to the “Idea of America”

The sights and sounds of Central American children being ripped from their parents by U.S. Border Patrol officers have, by now, spread across the...

Vote For Nothing…and Get It

"We need to vote with actions that make the political process truly democratic, and those actions will demand strikes, refusals to cooperate with authority, withholding of services by other means and more, along with electoral work only when it can make a difference and not simply reaffirm power in a new suit, dress, or some other label to reduce a potentially powerful majority to the relatively helpless group of minorities it has been manipulated into becoming."

Cash Of The Titans: Against The Noxious Fantasy Of Limitless Growth

"Even the notion of (much less the cultural imperative) of constant, endless growth causes one to feel diminished. Resultantly, the imagination seeks to fall in love with limits--a process we mislabel as depression, a form of repressed grieving that brings feelings of powerlessness, but when tweaked by an active participation in confronting malignant power can be transformed into a life-vivifying vehemence to bring meaning and structure to an overly complex system."

Open season on Palestinians

"American politicians appear to be using precious little long-term thinking when it comes to Israel and Palestinians. Falsehoods declared on national television about textbooks are debunked by no one in the US government. The silence appears to be less a consequence of ignorance than of fear. Politically, there is little to gain from saying an honest word regarding US policy on Israel and Palestine. Consequently, the Republican-controlled Congress proceeds merrily on its course and holds up the funding that could rectify what experts agree is a non-existent problem of Palestinian textbook incitement."



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