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Can we punish the hate provocateurs for the genocide of the...

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Xenophobia as – fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign. Thus, one...

The promising Lebanese elections may have little impact on the country’s...

The sole remarkable “result” of the parliamentary elections in troubled Lebanon is that it did happen - and it was competitive. A country of 4.5...

NATO’s Secret Kurdish War: Turkey prepares Iraq-style attacks inside Syria

"With the "humanitarian intervention" and "weapons of mass destruction" ploys not having succeeded in provoking a war between Turkey - and through Turkey NATO - and Syria, exploiting the Kurdish "terrorist" subterfuge may be the next, perhaps at last successful, attempt to do so."

Anthony Shadid: A Man for Others

"What he brought home to his readers were the voices of his subjects and their story as it was unfolding through their eyes. When you read a Shadid dispatch from Baghdad, Beirut, or Tripoli, it was as if you had been transported to the place. The sounds and smells of the streets where he walked, the warmth of the homes he visited, and the emotions, and concerns of the people he met - all came through in full force."

My Biohazard Valentine: Love, Work, and Dissent in a time of...

"There are, of course, obstacles (because no story worth telling unfolds without antagonists and obstructions). Thus, at present, in an era in which one's humanity is deemed only worth its value by the amount in dollars that one generates for the one percent, as, all the while, one's sense of self is continually inundated and buffeted by the come-ons and emotional coercions of the commercial hologram--one holds unto the debris of one's essential nature, as one is pulled along by powerful currents of a cultural death-drive."



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