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Pence’s Middle East

US Vice President Michael Pence's recent foray into Middle East politics has been nothing short of a disaster. Because he sees the world through...

A Christmas Message to Vice-President Mike Pence

Mr. Vice President:As you celebrate Christmas with your family and listen to the gospel story of the birth of Jesus, I hope you will...

The wrong emphasis

"We need Christians in the Middle East, where Christianity was born. Too bad we focused the Pope's visit on the Holocaust rather than on the urgent task of ensuring Christianity's survival in the region."

Christian Arabs and ‘peace and justice’

"Right-wing governments in Israel and the US seem to be natural feeding grounds for these fundamentalists. Palestinian Christians have forcefully rejected this position and some established evangelical voices have also come up to debunk these myths and insist on the need for justice as an integral part of any peaceful resolution in the region."

Easter in the Holy Land: Christians in the Occupied Land

“The continuous confiscation of land, military roadblocks and the separation wall coupled with restrictions on mobility and access give the impression that people are living in a cage, dehumanized, with little hope for freedom and normal living. This situation really affects the core of the Christian community in Palestine and is the primary factor for forcing Christian Palestinians to leave.”