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With Israel and Iran clashing over Syria, no end in sight...

In Syria, the conflict is no longer primarily Syrian. With seven years of political and military escalation, Syria has turned into a regional theater...

The Muslim World towards Unthinkable Clash of Reason

"Muslims are numerous but powerless. Divisions among Muslims, especially between Sunni and Shiites, have consigned the Muslim Middle East to almost a century of...

Trump’s Jerusalem proclamation backfires

On December 6, President Donald Trump appeased his Evangelical constituency by unilaterally proclaiming Jerusalem as Israel's capital, where the US embassy should relocate. Palestinians...

Kudos to Qatar

"Qatar has also been active on Palestine, to the anger or pleasure of different groups and at different times. A supporter of Palestinian rights from the beginning, Qatar has tried to keep good terms with all parties, with the Palestinian and even with the Israelis, and of course with the US and other internationally influential players."

Arab Authoritarian World is changing but how to make Sense –...

"It is clear that undeserving oil wealth and illegitimate power associated with their governance have removed sense of fear and shame to the extent that over several decades of cruelty has embolden the Arab rulers to commit any crimes, bloodbaths and rob the people of their originality of thinking, values and culture. Would the future generations free of the secular captivity hold these monsters accountable for their vicious crimes and political cruelty?"