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Venezuela: ‘Let Trump Be Trump’

The decision to promote Juan Guaidó as a rival president to Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela was clearly made in Washington, not in Caracas. The speed...

Iran vs. the Empire: Fighting dollarization

"The possibility looms that the US will undertake yet another criminal invasion of a Muslim country, recapitulating its war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. The real analogy for Iran is wartime. During war, all countries ration scarce goods, and people unite and accept sacrifice in the face of the enemy. This is the only solution for Iran today unless it agrees to join the US-dollar denominated empire as a junior member."

Clinton engineers Expansion of Asian NATO to contain China

"The Obama administration and its NATO allies are constructing a military network throughout the length and breadth of the Asia-Pacific region to isolate and confront China and Russia. China in the first place."

Malvinas in Britain’s imperialist claws

"With economy declining terminally at home, Britain is exploring ways to save itself either by virtue of climbing on the shoulders of others i.e. digging its imperialistically colonialist claws into others i.e. the Malvinas Islands or by foisting its weapons off on nations with a turbulent status quo such as Bahrain."

January 5th – Remembrance of Self-determination in Kashmir

"The United Nations resolutions on Kashmir acquire a continuing decisive importance from two crucial factors. One, they constitute the only international agreement freely negotiated between India and Pakistan on the future status of Kashmir. Two, they embody the only principle on whose basis a just and durable settlement of the Problem can be achieved---the principle of freedom of choice by the people concerned. Both India and Pakistan signed their acceptance of the United Nations resolutions when neither was at a disadvantage or under any kind of coercion."



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